Wayne and Jeff’s Nostalgic Fort Lauderdale Engagement Shoot

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For these adorable grooms-to-be, nothing was more important to them than having their engagement photos, shot by Imagery by Jules, tell the story of their love. Wayne and Jeff tell us that fond and cherished memories of their relationship resonate everywhere in the sunny surroundings of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., including the Las Olas Riverwalk and Broward Center for the Performing Arts. “When I brought Jeffery to Fort Lauderdale for the very first time for Valentineā€™s Day in 2012, I surprised him with a romantic gondola ride on those waters, complete with champagne, chocolates … the works,” Wayne reminisces. “For us, it embodies the very essence of Fort Lauderdale which is aptly nick named ā€˜The Venice of Americaā€™.”

The Love Story

Since meeting online in August of 2011 (and Wayne becoming enamored with his soul mate from the moment he set eyes on him), the two have maintained a steady, loving relationship leading up to their engagement in May of 2013. “It was a gradual yet steady realization in our daily lives,” the beaming couple tells us. “We were constantly reminded, through each otherā€™s kind gestures and caring qualities, that we were truly meant to be with one another. We are practically inseparable!”

The Proposal

Being Disney enthusiasts, Wayne decided that when the time came to pop the question to Jeff, it must somehow incorporate some of that Disney-esque magic. On a trip with two dear friends to the Walt Disney World Resort during the week of Gay Days Orlando, Wayne was adamant about proposing to Jeff at Disney's Wedding Pavilion. Without divulging the delicious details of his plan, Wayne innocently urged his love and their friends to take a stroll along the Disney paths that went by the Wedding Pavilion. Taking a gamble on the doors to the Pavilion being unlocked, he then suggested they take a peek inside so they could catch a stunning glimpse of Cinderella's castle, which serves as a backdrop for the couples who tie the knot at the Pavilion.

Luckily, Wayne and the rest of his crew found that the doors were unlocked. Upon entering, they discovered preparations for a wedding about to take place. Taking a chance on being kicked out for trespassing, Wayne jokingly escorted Jeff down the unfinished wedding aisle as their two friends looked on, taking pictures and videos. As they reached the podium at the end of the aisle, Wayne got down on one knee and blushingly asked an ecstatic Jeff to marry him. “Wayne dropped the rings,” Jeff gushes. “Fortunately, it is said that this is a good omen which brings the happy couple a lifetime of good luck and togetherness!”

The Ring

Wayne purchased stunning identical rings for himself and Jeff in Atlanta keeping the proposal under wraps all the while. “We havenā€™t decided on the rings for the wedding yet. We are way too busy putting everything else together for the wedding from the invitations, flowers and cake down to the menu, colors and music. And donā€™t even get us started on the ceremony and reception outfits!”


Wedding Date: December 4, 2015


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