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7 Fall 2020 Bridal Fashion Trends Hot Off the Runways

Another whirlwind week of Bridal Fashion Week is in the books! Through the hundreds (if not thousands!) of wedding outfits we saw, a few trends stood out, and we are looking forward to these styles going from the runway to the aisle come Fall 2020!

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Detachable Sleeves

Detachable Sleeves RimeDetachable Sleeves Wedding Dress Trend Allison WebbDetachable Sleeves Wedding Dress Trend Lee PetraDetachable Sleeves Wedding Dress Trend Francesca MirandaDetachable Sleeves Hayley Paige

Just as we saw removable skirts the last few seasons, detachable sleeves are now becoming a trendy option for those who want two looks in one. Remove the sleeves for the reception to create a whole new look. Featured: Rime Arodaky, Allison Webb, Lee Petra Grebenau, Francesca Miranda, Hayley Paige


Victorian Wedding Dress Trends Pnina TornaiVictorian Wedding Dress Trend DaalarnaVictorian Altelier by Professor Jimmy Choo Wedding Dress TrendsVictorian Wedding Dresses Isabelle Armstrong

High necks, billowy sleeves, full skirts — we saw a lot of Victorian-era details in dresses throughout this Fashion Week. Featured: Pnina Tornai, Daalarna, Atelier by Professor Jimmy Choo, Isabelle Armstrong

80s Shoulders


80s Sleeves Wedding Dress Trends Sophie et Voila80s Sleeves Wedding Dress Trend Daalarna80s Sleeves Rime80s Sleeves Wedding Dress Trends Pnina Tornai80s Shoulders Wedding Dress Trends Pronovias

We’re seeing nods to nostalgia in ready-to-wear so it was really only a matter of time before it hit bridal. Break out your mother’s wedding dress, puffy 80s shoulders are back! Featured: Kosibah, Sophie Et Voila, Rime Arodaky, Daalarna, Pnina Tornai, Pronovias

Heavy Pearl Beading

Heavy Pearl Beading Wedding Dress Trend Lela Rose Kim Trang PhotographyHeavy Pearl Beading Wedding Dress Trend PronoviasHeavy Pearl Beading Wedding Dress Trend Lee Petra Grebenau Kim Trang Photography

We saw a lot of dresses decked out in heavy pearl beading! If you’re not a lace person, this is a great option to add texture to a gown. Featured: Lela Rose, Pronovias, Lee Petra Grebenau


Asymmetrical Wedding Dress Trend Inbal DrorAsymmetry Wedding Dress Trends Julia VinoAsymmetry Wedding Dress Trends BertaAsymmetrical Wedding Dress Trend Lazaro

We saw a lot of asymmetrical lines on the runways, both on sleeves and skirts. Asymmetry can give a traditional ballgown a modern twist (as seen in Lazaro), or create a truly fashion-forward look. Featured: Inbal Dror, Julie Vino, Berta, Lazaro

Subtle EdgingSubtle Edging Wedding Dress Trend Carolina Herrera Kim Trang PhotographySubtle Edging Wedding Dress Trend Allison WebbSubtle Edging Wedding Dress Trend Lela Rose

For those who want a more subdued look while still having a little something, this trend is for you. A barely there embellishment is almost like a secret detail, just for you. Featured: Carolina Herrera, Allison Webb, Lela Rose

Celestial Celestial Wedding Dress Trend Ines Di SantoCelestial Wedding Dress Trend Peter LangerCelestial Wedding Dress Trend PronoviasCelestial Wedding Dress Trend LazaroCelestial Wedding Dress Trend Allison Webb

The celestial trend that we saw in wedding decor two years ago is now hitting bridal fashion hard. Galactic details have us starry-eyed for these designs. Featured: Ines Di Santo, Peter Langner, Pronovias, Lazaro, Allison Webb

Credit for header image, Lela Rose, Carolina Herrera, Lee Petra Grebenau: Kim-Trang Photography