50s Style Diner Los Angeles LGBTQ Engagement Shoot

50s-Style Diner Engagement Shoot That’s Adorably Quirky

Casts of their own love story, we adore every single image of Katy and Tate’s engagement session in Los Angeles. Like any good love story, it starts with a meet-cute.

“We met at an audition for a musical in high school. We were 16-years-old. Katy was singing a song by my favorite band and I was instantly drawn to her,” says Tate. “She was the most beautiful girl I had
ever seen before in my life and I would have done anything to impress her.”

While these high school sweethearts knew they were meant to be, it wasn’t always easy. Nonetheless, they tackled the challenges together. “We went through so many struggles together as a queer couple in the first year of our relationship,” he recalls. “After overcoming those obstacles, I knew we could handle anything as long as we had each other.”

Soon after they graduated college, Tate couldn’t wait any longer and popped the big question to Katy near the waterfront with a vintage opal stone oval-shaped ring.

“We had already been together for so long, yet I knew this would be the moment where it would turn into forever, and I was just so nervous. I remember I started crying before I even got down on one knee. I was able to say everything I had planned, but through a bunch of happy tears. I was so overwhelmed by the thought of her saying yes and becoming my wife.”

These two having a knack for their own style called for a unique and creative engagement session. They hit up Emily Arnold Photo to make it happen. “We are a quirky couple and wanted our engagement shoot to honor that. We decided to go to a 50s-style diner and order a milkshake and fries, because the most mundane places become special when we are together. We also took some photos on the top floor of a parking garage for the same reason.”

There’s an abundance of creativity and joy that we can’t get enough of! The laughter, sweet kisses, warm embraces, and light-hearted nature of their photos showcase that all it takes to have a magical engagement session is one happy couple and photography that shares your vision.


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Photography: Emily Arnold Photo

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