10 Photos That Prove Love Can be Found at Any Age

There’s nothing more heartwarming than seeing two people in love — the way their eyes sparkle as they gaze at one another, beaming smiles spread wide across their faces as they share a jubilant laugh, the way their arms and fingers tangle as if a magnetic force is drawing them together. Love is a look that never ages. Everyone journeys through life differently. Some fall in love when they’re young and others find true love later in life. Neither is luckier than the other; all that matters is they’ve found each other.

Younger couples seem to dominate the wedding world, but they’re not the only ones tying the knot. Within the past few years, more older couples are getting married than ever before. Love is sweet at any age, and we’ve rounded up 10 endearing photos that prove love stands the test of time.


A Love Story Between Two Hiking Fans | photo by Carole Cohen Photography | via Offbeat Bride

older-couple-wedding3Larry and David's Minneapolis Hotel Wedding | photo by Kelly Brown Weddings


Donna and Lynne's Backyard Ceremony with Love-Driven Details | photo by Red Fly Studio


Tanya and Chanel's Intimate Indian-Inspired Wedding | Photography by Sandra Costello


Ken and Steve's Elegant Seattle Hotel Wedding | photo by Lionlady Photography


Karen and Rosemary's Florida Beach Wedding | photo by Laura Denise Photography


Kate and Kerstin's Love-Filled Buddhist Wedding | photo by Samantha Ong Photography


An Intimate Outdoor Wedding | photo by Melissa Jill Photography | via Better Homes and Gardens


A Bride Over 40 Real Wedding | photo by White Gold Images | via Beautilicious 40 Bride


 via Bridal Musings | photo by Bell Studio

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