Chunky Engagement Rings

10 Chunky Engagement Rings

For decades the traditional engagement ring style has reigned supreme: a delicate band with a diamond setting. Stepping out of this box meant a diamond-encrusted band or a few accent gems around the main stone. But things are changing, and rings don't have to follow a cookie-cutter style with a range of metals, diamond shapes, and gem options

And those delicate bands? There’s been a surge of thicker, chunky bands for those that aren’t into dainty jewelry. And the style is becoming more popular than ever. Here are some of the most unique, thick-banded rings that can symbolize your love and commitment. 

Chunky Engagement Ring Jared

They went to Jared!

Maybe you’ve seen those commercials around Christmas and Valentine’s Day where a piece of jewelry is somehow even better because the person bought it from Jared. Now you can be celebrated for your shopping prowess by proposing with this silver engagement ring featuring small gems flanking the focal point diamond. 

Diamond engagement ring by Jared, $8,999.99

Chunky Engagement Ring with Purple Gemstone

A pop of color

If you want something more unique than a large diamond, consider this ring with oval-cut tanzanite. It still has all the glitz of a diamond, but with a splash of color. And according to some geologists, natural tanzanite is even rarer than a diamond.

Natural tanzanite engagement ring by Jared, $1,999.99

Chunky Yellow Wedding Band

Skip the stone

The hammered-style finish of this yellow tungsten ring is simple yet sophisticated. The textured design gives it personality, without needing a diamond, making it a perfect ring for those who like an understated look. 

Now & Forever® Collection wedding band by Kay Jewelers, $399

Chunky Engagement Ring with Pearl

The world is your oyster

There’s something enchanting about the simplicity of a pearl. This ring highlights that charm, where a pearl is encased within an intricate white gold band. The pearl has a long history of being used in engagement rings as they stand for loyalty and wisdom. 

Cultured Akoya pearl engagement ring by Jared, $1699.99

Split Engagement Ring

A faux-chunky alternative

Like the look of a thicker band, but not sure about the heft of it? This double-banded engagement ring gives a thicker band vibe but provides a bit of breathing room. It’s customizable, too, consider just one band of diamonds or go for a plain gold band. 

The duet round brilliant engagement ring by Vrai, starting at $1,700

Chunky Engagement Ring Inspiration
Chunky Engagement Ring Nature Inspired

Be inspired by nature

Taking on the look of ivy, this asymmetrical ring is unexpected and gorgeous. Make it your own by changing the diamond shape and picking from four different metals: silver, gold, rose gold, or platinum. 

Sweeping ivy engagement ring by Brilliant Earth, starting at $2,690

Chunky Engagement Ring with Three Rows of Diamonds

Sparkle and shine

Why have just one diamond when you can have a ring completely encrusted with them? Since this isn’t your traditional thin band, it fits in three rows of diamonds. Designed by Zac Posen, this glistening wedding band can be purchased in yellow or white gold. 

Triple row engagement ring by Blue Nile, $2,990

Multi Colored Chunky Band Engagement Ring

Make a statement

This isn’t your ordinary wedding ring. Not only is the center gem a stunning purple amethyst, but chocolate diamonds are nestled between smaller nude diamonds lining the band. People will be sure to notice this mesmerizing piece. 

Amethyst ring with 14K strawberry gold by Le Vian, $1,999.99

Chunky Engagement Ring Pnina Tornai for Jared

Diamonds are forever

Row after row of diamonds makes this white gold ring shine. The thick band creates the perfect surface to engrave a heartfelt message inside, letting your partner wear your love note with them. 

Diamond ring with 14K gold by Pnina Tornai, $3,299.99

Chunky Gold Engagement Ring

Stick with simplicity

Maybe you like the traditional look but prefer a thick band. This is the ring for you. You can customize your diamond shape and the carat size if you prefer a stone that’s a bit bigger. You can even pick which metal suits you best.

Parker ring by Brilliant Earth, starting at $1,090

Chunky Engagement Ring Inspiration

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Written by Rebecca Rovenstine | Cover photo by SHVETS

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