20 Engagement Ring Dishes to Keep Your New Bling Shiny and Safe!

From the moment you slip that shiny new ring on your finger, everything changes. There’s a wedding to plan, your SO suddenly becomes your fiancé/e and now you have a new piece of jewelry, likely more expensive and precious than anything else in your collection, that you have to take care of! Whether you’re an avid jewelry wearer or prefer to keep it simple, tossing your accessories on the nightstand or on the floor as you collapse on the bed after a long day will no longer fly once you have an engagement ring.

That’s why we think every soonlywed needs a dedicated engagement ring dish and safe place to stash their ring whenever it’s not at home on their finger. While some wouldn’t dare remove their ring, others prefer to take it off while showering, sleeping or washing the dishes. So whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for your newly engaged friends or you just got engaged yourself (congrats!!), here are 20 chic dishes that will keep your precious new rock shiny and safe!


Gold rimmed engagement ring dish | via Etsy


Love Wins ring dish | via Etsy


Personalized date ampersand ring dish | via Etsy


Me and you marble ring dish | via Etsy


I said hell yes engagement ring dish | via Etsy


Diamond shaped ring dish | via Etsy


Mr. and Mr. engagement ring dish | via Etsy


Diamond ring shaped ring dish | via Shopbop


Gold and teal initial ring dish | via Etsy


Guitar pick holder that doubles as an engagement ring dish | via Etsy


With this ring ring dish | via Etsy


Heart shaped she said yes ring dish | via Etsy


 Black and gold Mr. ring dish | via Etsy


Do not lose this ring dish | via Etsy


Personalized Mrs. ring dish | via Etsy


Concrete hexagon ring dish | via Etsy


Future Mrs. ring dish | via Etsy


The best is yet to come ring dish | via Etsy


Engaged AF ring dish | via Etsy


Double Mrs. ring dish | via Etsy

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