Wediquette: Which Anniversary Should We Celebrate?

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Dear Love Inc.,

We just got legally married last year in our home state of Washington. It was a small ceremony, as we had already had the big party wedding five years prior (when same-sex marriage was not recognized). But we're now approaching the anniversary of our legal wedding and we're not really sure if it's something we celebrate. Do we get two anniversaries or should we choose one over the other? Help!


Multi-wedding wonderer

Dear Multi-Wedding Wonderer,

The short answer, do what feels right for you! Some couples look at their big party wedding as the wedding because they exchanged vows in front of their family and friends, while others look at the legal wedding as the main one because that's the one that's recognized by our government. Both are incredibly special and important and are worth recognition each year in some sense, but, for the sake of costs, perhaps pick the one that you're most emotionally tied to for exchanging gifts and elaborate date nights, and use the other one as a time to reflect on your beautiful relationship.

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