6 Picks: Not Your Mother’s Cake Topper



Not everyone wants to put the traditional miniature versions of themselves in various poses on top of their wedding cake (I cringe every time I see the ball and chain one). Luckily for us, the cake topper industry has gotten extremely creative in recent years and we've rounded up a few of our favorites that range from retro to modern, nautical to downright adorable.

Budget-friendly tip: Almost any small item can be a cake topper. Look around your home for ceramics, clip Polaroids of the two of you into photo holders or DIY with poms poms.

Top right, clockwise: Bunting topper by Steph Loves Ben | retro convertible topper by BHLDN | cat topper by LuLuAmour | anchor topper by Pink Owl Designs | Billy Idol topper by Miss Cake | chalkboard topper by The Paper Walrus