Encinitas California Engagement Shoot

This Taco-and-Beach SoCal Engagement Session Is Giving Us Life

Vicki and Brent's Cali engagement session with Let's Frolic Together basically reads as the perfect day. They kicked it off with beer and street tacos at The Taco Stand in the oh-so-charming town of Encinitas. They then headed to the Swami's iconic beach, stopping in front of murals for some cute photo opps along the way. They walked along the beach at golden hour, as the sun dipped behind the palm trees, creating downright magical photos.

And as much as I enjoy tacos, the element I love most about this e-sesh is their body language and posing. Clearly, Vicki and Brent are madly in love with each other, but I also love that Let's Frolic Together didn't pose them in gender-driven positions — sometimes she was leaning into him, sometimes his head was on her shoulder, sometimes her arms were wrapped around him and vice versa. It's so refreshing to see a hetero couple not conform to binary stereotypes. And the result is inspiring.

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