Image for A Rainy Day Wedding With Advice Every Soonlywed Needs to Hear!

A Rainy Day Wedding With Advice Every Soonlywed Needs to Hear!

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A forecast of rain threw a wrench into the plans for Cybil and Andrew’s vision of a romantic, outdoor garden wedding at Cybil’s parents’ home in South Carolina. “Despite my dream of a lush garden wedding with chandeliers in the trees, it poured all day! My dress was ruined and everything was soaked. We had to create a makeshift altar the night before,” she says. And you know what? They had a blast.

This wedding is proof that even when things seem to go wrong, it’s so important to maintain perspective. “I had so many things go wrong. So much planning that was wasted because I couldn’t put my plans into action with the weather. Worry about stuff you can control. What will matter in 20 years? The pictures. So have fun, smile and be present,” advises the bride.

And that’s just what they did, with Northern Red Photography capturing some incredibly emotional moments that encapsulated a day of pure love and happiness.



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