Summer Gay Wedding in the UK

Summer Wedding Celebration in the English Countryside

The quaintness, color, and simplistic style of Melvin and Richard’s wedding has blown us away.

Melvin, originally from the Bahamas and Richard from the United Kingdom, decided to be united in marriage in the countryside; choosing Elmore Court in Cotswold, England for their venue.

Letting the charm of the historic setting be the focal point, they implemented minimalistic details through wildly beautiful colored floral designs. The pigments of each chosen flower really popped; reminding us of the decor that’d be placed for an afternoon tea gathering. 

After sealing their love with a kiss and being led out of their ceremony with a petal toss, they celebrated with their friends and family on the grounds of the venue. There were outdoor games in the gardens, a photo booth trailer, and a live band providing the entertainment. And of course there was delicious food and dancing that occurred both indoors and out. The perfect ending to a beautiful summer celebration of love!

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Wedding Vendors!!

Photography: Dan Morris Photography

Venue: Elmore Court

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