LGBTQ Engagement Session in Nashville

Playful Nashville Engagement Session with a Pride Flag

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Do you remember the 800th day of your relationship? For Nick and Brandon, it’s a day they’ll never forget. One that led them to documenting their love with this romantic Centennial Park photo session in Nashville.

So what exactly happened on Day 800, you ask?

“Day 800 of our relationship was the day that Brandon popped the question,” exclaims Nick as he reminisced about the day that took a few twists and turns by road, air, and sea!

As founders of a luxury travel agency Live Luxe Travel Co., it’s no surprise that these two adventurers got engaged in Santa Cruz, California on a chartered sailboat at sunset.

“I woke up to what I thought was a normal day, Brandon and I proceeded to get ready as normal and he told me I should wear something nice,” explains Nick. “It was going to be a long day for us both at work with meetings and Chamber stuff, so we took the dog with us and headed to work. I started my day as normal going through emails and responding to them. At approximately 8:40 the doorbell rang at my work and I got up to answer the door (our building is locked so visitors have to be let in). I walk up to the door and no one was there, I open the door to look outside and there stood Brandon. He pushes his way in and said ‘go change, fold your clothes nicely and don’t ask questions.'”

Without hesitation Nick did as Brandon said, and they were out the door and on their way — but as excited as Nick was, plans of his own began to unravel.“We got out to the car and I started to panic — I had been working on a little surprise of my own that Brandon had no idea about. We had talked about getting married and I knew that we would soon be engaged so I wanted to order Brandon’s engagement ring and surprise him with it when the special day came. I was going to pick up Brandon’s ring from FedEx that afternoon when I got off work but him picking me up threw a kink in my plan. I told him that I needed to go back to take care of something for his birthday and that it couldn’t wait. Brandon was very distraught but quickly rushed us back so I could get his ring that he had no idea existed.”

With the ring secure, Nick reconnected with Brandon and they were en route to the airport to catch their flight which Nick discovered was to San Jose, California.

Upon their arrival on the West coast they drove a Ford Mustang to their beachfront hotel before heading out to Brandon’s activity he planned for the two of them: an evening on a sailboat.

Right before the sun set, Brandon gave Nick a sweet book that detailed memories of their 800 days together then popped the question with a traditional diamond ring.

“I was so ready for him to ask the question because I already knew my answer! I said yes! We then cried and held each other, might even have smooched a couple of times, “ Nick says.

Although exhausted from their travels, just before the night ended, Nick wanted to put the black diamond engagement ring he’d been holding since earlier that day on Brandon’s finger.

“I waited until it was almost bedtime and I told Brandon that we should go for a walk on the beach. At this point the ring was burning a hole in my pocket and I wanted him to have it so we could both proudly walk around and show our commitment to each other to others. He was so surprised and his reaction showed that since it was then his turn to cry while I held him tight.”

Knowing their engagement story makes these present-day captures of their love all the more sweeter.

Escaping the hustle and bustle, they posed in the heart of Music City with the peaceful skies and green grass surrounding them. Wearing mismatched prints and designer accessories, Matt Rigsby Photos captured the playful, yet lovable moments between these two, including the fun-loving pillow fight, champagne pop, and running with a rainbow flag.

The happiness these images exude is proof that while Day 800 may have been the best day, when you’re with the one that makes your heart flutter the days that follow and the bond you share continues grows that much more!


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Photography: Matt Rigsby Photos

Venue: Centennial Park

Groom: Brandon

Groom: Nick

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