Lynzy and Casey’s Urban Banksy Engagement Shoot


Before heading out to embark on their next big adventure through Western Europe, Lynzy and Casey made a pit stop in New York City to capture their post-engagement glow through the lens of BAM Weddings — and the images are as stunningly artistic as they come. Shot at the Carlton Arms Hotel where renowned graffiti artist Banksy was once rumored to reside, their engagement photos feature insanely creative, evocative backdrops. Each hotel room offers up it’s own unique, metropolitan flair. For our avid travelers, nothing could be more perfect than taking a moment to celebrate their love surrounded by passion-infused art.

The Love Story

As Shakespeare urged us all, “If music be the food of love, play on.” Or if we’re talking about Lynzy and Casey, dance on. This gorgeous, fun-loving couple first found that they connected over a mutual passion for music, and since then, the soundtrack to their love story has not stopped playing. “We fell in love dancing into the early morning hours,” Casey tells us, “which we still do and enjoy just as much as when we met.”

The Proposal

Lynzy had decided that she would pop the question before she and Casey departed from their trip to Iceland, come hell or high water (oh, to live one week in their shoes…which have walked on many exotic soils!). Casey explains Lynzy’s plan of surprise action, saying that she “tried for several days to set the scene for a perfect proposal under the Northern Lights. However, try as she may, they never made an appearance.”

Luckily, that did not throw a wrench in any of Lynzy’s plans to put a ring on her one true love. Besides, Lynzy’s proposal only further reassures us that it doesn’t matter where you are, as long as your loved one is by your side. Props to Lynzy for hatching another swoon-worthy, romantic plan! On the day before the couple was to leave Iceland, they rented a car to explore the coast of the magical island. “At the end of the day at sunset, she insisted we pull off by the pier and trek through the snow to take a picture overlooking the water. She set the timer on the camera and right before the picture snapped, she got on one knee, pulled out the ring and said ‘Do you want to do this, or what?’ I cried and said yes, giving her a hug. I remember shaking, but I wasn’t cold. I was so surprised!”

The Ring

Lynzy chose a beautiful white gold ring for Casey to symbolize their union, boasting one large diamond fastened across the top, surrounded by smaller diamonds on both sides. “It took my breath away,” Casey gushes. “It was exactly the ring that I would have picked out for myself.”

Memorable Moment

To cap off an incredible day in a breathtakingly beautiful locale, Lynzy and Casey enjoyed a celebratory dinner at the Pearl restaurant which towers over Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital and largest city. In the glass, dome-shaped restaurant that rotates to display Iceland’s night sky, Lynzy and Casey relaxed and dined, relishing in their soonlywed bliss. “We sat for hours, drinking and laughing and loving each other. It was wonderful.”

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