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Building a wedding registry sounds like fun (who doesn't love presents?!) but when you find yourself in the position, it can be a bit overwhelming. As I navigate registry territory, I'm asking myself questions like “But we've already built a home together, what more do we need?” “Should I register for the traditional china even though we're not a fancy couple?” “Or should I go totally obscure and register for, like, a tent?” and “What would be easiest for all my small town family and friends?”

Cue anxiety.

Truly, I've been dreading it. And after procrastinating for weeks — okay, more like months — it was as if the stars aligned when Love Inc. was invited to attend Target‘s #BeYourselfTogether registry event where I received a sneak peek at their new mobile app that lets you register straight from your phone. Or, if you're in the store, you can scan items (from your phone!!) and they'll drop directly into your virtual wish list. Y'all, the future has arrived. Advertisement

So last night while catching up on our TV shows, my fiance and I were literally putting together our wedding registry. Multitasking FTW! It was easy, quick and painless. Seriously, I was barely paying attention and managed to create a dream wish list.

And, it's Target. Potentially the only store in the world that I can never, ever leave empty-handed from. You want soft cozy throws? Oh hey, Threshold collection. The registry classic KitchenAid mixer? Pick a color! Or, yes, even a tent … lots to choose from! Target embraces the fact that these picks are coming from two individuals and gets down to the basics of what a registry is about: building a life that reflects you as an individual and a couple. So whether you're scanning that traditional china or want to request an Xbox, Target's got your back.

During the #BeYourselfTogether event, newly engaged couples were able to wander around a mock home filled with Target items (and testing out their new app by scanning said items to their registries!). Target experts were also on-hand to provide solid tips and advice when building a registry, which certainly inspired me for my own:


Home Bar: According to mixologist Kevin Denton, when building a home bar you need to ask yourself, “What do my partner and I like to drink?” and then build off of the essentials for that. My fiance and I are pretty simple in that we just like to sip a good bourbon, so for our registry stocked up on drinking stones to keep our whiskey chilled, a personalized glass set that shows off our married monogram (!) and a bar kit with the basic tools (strainer, spoon, shaker) in case we do want to class it up with a cocktail.

Kitchen: The registry is the perfect time to upgrade. Right now, we're still cooking out of mismatched pots and pans, so an “adult” cookware set made the list. Additionally, I added a panini press at the suggestion of Bravo TV personality Ana Quincoces, who swears that even the worst cook can handle making delicious dishes with a panini press. (Hear that, honey?) I'll report back on this post-wedding.

Electronics: Our parents may scoff at the idea of adding electronics to a registry, but I'm all for it. With the guidance of digital lifestyle expert Mario Armstrong, I scanned two SONOS wireless HiFi systems. He explained that you can control the music with an app and have completely different tunage coming from each. Get your zen on while heā€™s rocking out. Thatā€™s the secret to a harmonious household.

To start your own registry and download the app, click here. Happy planning!

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