Kate Austin Paris Proposal

LGBTQ+ Influencer Kate Austin’s Paris Proposal

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It was a simple moment a couple of months into their relationship that Kate knew Sarah was The One. “She was driving behind me and I blew her and kiss, she caught it in her hand and then put her hand on her heart. It's so cheesy but I knew it from that second on,” Kate says.

Five years later, Kate began formulating a plan to propose. “Sarah loved Paris when we visited last year. It quickly became her favorite city we had ever been to and I knew I had to propose to her there,” says Kate.

After picking out the perfect ring from Reeds Jewelers — a solitaire diamond on a thin diamond band, and practicing bending down on one knee in front of the mirror — “I am so clumsy and 10/10 not be surprised if I fell so I practiced and practiced and practiced in my mirror until i felt good about it” — Kate was ready to ask the love of her life to marry her.

They jetted off for a week-long European adventure, starting in Brussels and then making their way to the city that would forever hold a special chapter in their love story. “I had to put the ring in my purse for the first part of the trip! I was on edge through airport security. I stuck a note on it that said ‘engagement ring, please be discreet,' just in case my bag got pulled!⁣⁣” Luckily, she made it to Paris, precious cargo undetected.

Because Kate's job as a blogger (@kateaustinn) often consists of branded photoshoots, it wasn't out of the norm to ask Sarah to dress in a BHLDN dress and grab some captures in front of the Eiffel Tower. “Once we were there, the photographer knew to give me a clue once it was time and we were in the perfect spot. Once she said the cue, I dropped down on one knee and Sarah's face was so surprised.”

“I prepared an entire speech to say once I got down on one knee but I blacked out and am shocked I even got ‘will you marry me' out between my tears and nerves and excitement!” exclaims Kate. “It was the most beautiful moment and I keep replaying it on loop in my head!”



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