Josh Gracin Shares Engagement Photos and Dishes on EP “Nothin’ Like Us”

Josh Gracin’s got nothing to lose, and the future has never looked brighter for the country music star who released a poignant new EP just months before marrying his fiancée, Katie, in Tennessee. The glowing couple cozied up to each other on a sunny day as Lynzie Hazan with Bonphotage Photography captured them looking as in love as ever in this gorgeous engagement session, featuring one of their beloved fur babies, Brady, a German Shepherd aptly named after the New England Patriot’s quarterback.

Josh made a splash on the country music charts with the upbeat, fast-paced song, “Nothing to Lose,” which soared to no. 1 after a stint on the second season of “American Idol,” where he finished just behind Kimberley Locke, Clay Aiken and the crowned winner, Ruben Studdard. After “American Idol,” Josh went back to complete his service with the Marine Corps before releasing two more albums with chart-topping hits. It’s been five and a half years since his latest album, “Redemption,” and Josh is back with a vengeance with the release of Pt. 1 of “Nothin' Like Us.” But in between the craze of recording music and playing gigs, Josh is also embarking on an exciting new journey in his life. On May 6, Josh and his fiancée, Katie, tied the knot in Nashville at Green Door Gourmet, a 350-acre organic farm with a beautiful, rustic space.


The newlyweds first met while Katie was in college, and Gracin took Katie on a thrilling first date at the gun range. But it was their second date that was most memorable and would later play a key role in Josh’s proposal. “On our second date, I took her to Jackson Falls within Natchez Trace Parkway in Tennessee,” Josh says. “Over the course of eight months, I fell in love with everything about her inside and out. Her love for life, family, learning and all living things pushed me to live a more full and exciting life. I wanted the proposal to be special, so I felt having her family in from St. Louis would be a perfect way to pop the question.”

School and work had kept Katie busy over the years, and she hadn’t had many opportunities to go home, and Josh knew how much it would mean to her to have her family there to witness the beginning of their journey. On a beautiful October day, Katie was expecting just another adventure with Josh when he brought her back to the location of their second date. “The descent down to Jackson Falls is a long one, and the view of the falls is blocked by some of nature’s best creations,” Josh says. “As we rounded the last bend and flight of stairs, the bottom of the gorge opened up into a panoramic view of the falls and the creek below. At the bottom, her family was waiting there along with mine, and at that point, she knew why I had brought her back to the place of our second date.” Katie tearfully said hello to her family before Josh dropped to one knee to propose to the woman he says changed his life from the very first moment he saw her smile. Katie, of course, said yes and slipped the vintage band with a solitaire diamond onto her finger. “Josh knows I love Audrey Hepburn’s style,” Katie says. “His friends at Dillon’s Jewelers in his hometown of Westland, Michigan, helped bring his vision to life. It’s absolutely beautiful!” Looking back on the day he asked her to marry him, Josh says the most memorable part was the moment when they locked eyes and a wide smile spread across Katie’s face before she said yes.


In between wedding planning, Josh was busy recording songs and preparing for the release of “Nothin' Like Us, Pt. 1,” which Katie played a major role in. In addition to doing graphic design work for the label, she designed the album artwork for both records and weighs in on creative decisions to keep the branding consistent with Josh’s vision. The title track on Pt. 1 is a nostalgic, feel-good anthem that captures the excitement of starting a new relationship, something that Josh knows all about. “Katie is the inspiration for almost everything on the album,” Josh says. “I wouldn’t want it any other way.” Katie’s favorite song on Josh’s new EP is “On Me,” a heartfelt tune that’s bursting with emotional lyrics and has the potential to be a major hit of his career.

Josh was so excited to get music out into the world that he split the album into two parts. And with Pt. 2 due out later this year, Josh says we can expect to hear the essence of country music with great storytelling and more of Josh's signature, smooth vocals. With a big year of shows ahead and the finalizing of Pt. 2, the newlyweds plan to keep the romance alive by embarking on the journey hand-in-hand. “She’s by my side every step of the way,” Josh says. “We do everything together, as I feel it should be. Where I lack, she shines; we are a perfect balance.”



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