Gym Bag Essentials for the Sweating-for-the-Wedding Soonlywed

Are you recently engaged? Congratulations!! Are you also suddenly filled with anxiety over the thought of fitting into your wedding outfit and posing for pictures that you and your family will have forever? Although the way you look on your wedding day is nowhere near as important as how you feel, many soonlyweds are signing up for gym memberships and getting in shape for their wedding. And there's nothing like getting motivated to start sweating than by stocking up on new workout gear and fun gadgets to help you get your gym grind on. So we've rounded up 10 of our gym bag must-haves, from blue tooth headphones to keep you in the zone to gear that flaunts your soonlywed status, that you'll need for all those pre-wedding workout sessions


First thing's first, get a designated bag for your gym gear not only so everything stays in one place, but also because it'll be easier to grab your gear and go.  This personalized leather bag in particular is stylish enough to bring to the office for an after-work sesh. We also adore this personalized leather bag that has room for everything, including a yoga mat!


Staying hydrated is of the utmost importance, especially when you're busy planning a wedding and hitting the gym in between. If you find it hard to get your water in throughout the day, snag a cute water bottle, like this one that says Sweating for the Wedding, that you'll love drinking out of and watch your ounces increase dramatically! 


Wearing a fitness tracker has many benefits, one of which can help you keep track of and reach your fitness goals. The Apple Watch is armed with a heart rate monitor, GPS tracker, step counter and a slew of apps to fit your workout needs. And you can even link your activity tracker with your partner's so you can help keep each other on track!


Last year we got to try out Amika Styleblow's new bridal services, and we scored some of their dry shampoo while we were there. Aside from the adorably fun packaging, it smells incredible and absorbs oil quickly, which is the perfect way to freshen up your ‘do before you leave the gym and tackle the rest of your to-do list for the day. 


Flaunt your soonlywed status and remind yourself whey you're dragging yourself to the gym in the first place with a fun shirt like this Groom in training tank. It might not make the workout easier, but it will certainly keep you motivated. And be sure to check out this Mrs. in training shirt that we love as well. 


We can't say enough about these incredible bluetooth headphones. Whether you're lifting weights or jogging on the treadmill, you won't have to worry about a cord getting in your way and screwing with your focus. Also, the sound from these headphones is just as good as a pair of Beats but without the hefty price tag!


Now that you've got a brand new ring on your finger, you wouldn't want to take the chance at ruining it during a workout. Especially if you prefer to lift weights when you workout, we love the idea of a silicone ring alternative to wear while you keep the real rock protected in your gym locker. Qalo's rings are great for both men and women, and they have trendy options, like these stacking bands that you'll love wearing even if you aren't mid-workout. This ring is also a great option if you have a hands-on career in an environment that is too great a risk to wear your engagement or wedding ring. 


This should be a given but can easily be overlooked. Wedding planning is a busy time and soonlyweds are often squeezing workouts in whenever they have a spare moment. Sometimes that means rushing off to a meeting right after a workout, so make sure your sweaty scent doesn't follow you and keep a stick of natural deoderant, like Oars + Alps Active Armor Deoderant, in your gym bag. 


The time you need a hair tie most is also typically the time when you can't find one anywhere. We highly suggest keeping a pack stowed safely away in your gym bag so that you never run into a situation where your hair ruins your workout. We love these cute bride hair ties in particular, with which we wouldn't be able to resist throwing our hair up into a pony tail.


Wool sneakers are all the rage right now, and with their stylish look, it's no reason why. A solid pair of shoes that are both comfortable and perfect for training is an absolute must for any gym bag. This white pair by Allbirds is our favorite and even entices us to go to the gym when we'd rather lounge on the couch. 

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