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Fashion Darling Tomo Koizumi Collabs with Global Wedding Brand

Japanese designer Tomo Koizumi, is known amongst the haute couture elite for his signature bold silhouettes and bright colors, beloved by eccentric artists such as Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. And the wedding industry is in for a treat because he's paired up with TREAT Maison, a global bridal brand, to create a capsule collection that is ideal for the show-stopping soonlywed. 

The dramatic collection features eight looks that brings Koizumi’s signature voluminous, layered, ruffled aesthetic to an ivory palette with pops of vibrant hues taken from Kimono; reds, blues, greens. 

“I was interested in looking at the history of wedding dressing in Japan and I wanted to challenge myself in a new field,” Koizumi said. “In my experience, truly good things can be appreciated regardless of nationality, gender, age, industry, religion, or any other boundary, and I wanted to bring that to the wedding industry in Japan and worldwide.”

Partnering with such an established atelier allows his looks to be a the forefront of wedding fashion in Japan. Dresses will be available in TREAT Boutiques across the country and, as is custom in Japan, the dresses are designed to be able to be re-worn multiple times, with each soonlywed being able to alter the dress before their wedding prior to returning the dress to the atelier for the next person. In this way, the collection was designed with sustainability and quality at the forefront alongside the aesthetics. Outside of mainland Japan dresses will be available by special order.

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