Ashley and Ben’s Boutique Hotel Engagement Shoot

When Ashley and Ben got engaged, they wanted an engagement shoot that reflected who they are that was a different style than what they were used to seeing. “We allowed our very talented photographer to take the lead,” Ashley says. “I told him I wanted something different, something classy and something beautiful. Jonathan was so much fun; he made us feel comfortable, which allowed us to be naturally ourselves with a touch of fabulous, of course!”

These gorgeous photographs were snapped in North Beach Village, a grouping of charming boutique hotels and galleries in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. JSP Studio organized three different locations and perfectly captured Ashley and Ben's fun, laid-back and heartwarming love for each other.


The Love Story

The stars seemed to align early on for Ashley and Ben, who lived in South Florida their whole lives, attended the same high school and had many of the same friends. But it wasn't until years down the road that they would meet at a Fourth of July party, where it wasn't just the fireworks that had sparks flying. “Instantly connecting with one another, it wasn't before long that we would fall in love,” Ashley says. “Our love is patient and kind, loyal and strong and shines brilliantly to all who meet us.”


The Proposal

Ben and Ashley jet setted off to St. Lucia as part of their tradition to go on vacation for Ashley’s birthday on December 30. They began their weeklong trip bouncing around cheap Airbnb’s while exploring the island. “The last few days of the trip, we stayed at this amazing resort that was the only resort on the island owned by locals,” Ashley says. “We booked late, so the only room left was a honeymoon suite on a hilltop with our private deck and pool. Our view was incredible with nothing but nature surrounding us; it was extremely romantic.”

The day they were to check in, Ashley and Ben started their morning with a difficult hike up the Gros Piton. All their hard work was rewarded with breathtaking views once they reached the top. Later, after two failed attempts to check into their hotel — the room wasn’t ready yet — a lunch at the cafe and an exploratory walk around the resort, they finally entered their suite and were greeted with “happy birthday” spelled out in palm fronds.

The private pool and deck offered incredible views of St. Lucia, so it’s no surprise that the pool was the first thing on their minds. As Ashley got comfortable poolside, Ben brought the essentials — towels, stereo, Champagne and … a very important question. “Will you marry me?” Ben asked. “I don’t ever want to spend a day without you.”


The Ring

“The diamond was passed onto us from Ben’s godparents, who have been married for over 30 years,” Ashley says. “They never had children of their own and have always viewed Ben as their own. It is a round brilliant cut diamond on a four prong platinum Tiffany-style mounting. It is stunning and more than I could ever have dreamed of. We are overwhelmed with gratitude.”

Wedding Date: February 25, 2017


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