4 Essential Tips for Avoiding a Wedding Planning Meltdown


Unless you choose to simply wander down to the registry office one day, planning a wedding can be hard work. After the thrill of engagement, it turns out that getting all your loved ones to one location, feeding them and putting on an epic party is no easy task. You find yourself fretting over table decorations, torturing yourself over the theme and having meltdowns over flowers, because the truth is, the stress and pressure of wedding planning can drive even the calmest person to the edge.

On your big day, you have every right to try to get everything just as you want it, which is why keeping calm and happy as you organize your wedding needs to be a priority. If you don't fancy becoming a stressed out and shouting stereotype, here are some ways to avoid a wedding meltdown.

Take Up Meditation
There's a growing number of people who use meditation to combat stress. In the weeks up to your wedding, using meditation will not only give you some time in which you concentrate on nothing but yourself(no, not even guest lists) for a small time, but it will also put you in the best frame of mind for the rest of your day.

Whether it's walking meditation, yoga or sitting and focusing on your breathing in a quiet spot, fitting meditation into your routine has many benefits in a stressful time. It helps you sleep better, increases your productivity and puts you in a positive state of mind. Not to mention, it's been scientifically proven to reduce the dominance of the stress centers in the brain.

Keep Everything in Perspective
If you've found yourself more stressed than you ever thought possible in a bakery weeks before your wedding, you might need to take a step back and remember that It's. Just. Cake. This isn't to trivialize any desire to create a picture-perfect day, but many of us find ourselves blowing things out of proportion, especially when we are under a lot of strain. Even if a laid-back approach doesn't come naturally to you, trying to at least mimic one will make it easier to not let the details get the best of you.

Designate Wedding-Free Days
Friday is your new wedding-free day! Well, it doesn't have to be Friday ā€” it can be any day you like. It's having one that's the point. When organizing your wedding begins to feel like another chore rather than something that makes you happy and enthusiastic, it might be time to take a break and not think about it at all. Tell your partner that you have enforced a wedding embargo for the day, and use the time you would have spent planning to do something fun.

Let Others Help
It might feel like you have to take everything on yourself, but whether it's spreading the tasks fairly between you and your partner, getting a family member involved or even hiring a wedding planner, make sure you are supported. If you are used to being self-sufficient or feel as if asking others for help is burdening them with your problems, this can be easier said than done. But weddings are an exciting time, and people will be fighting to get involved. You just have to let them.

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This post was written by Will Williams Meditation, who provide meditation classes in London that help people tackle stress and anxiety.


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