We’re Dyeing Over Redken’s New Color Rebel!


I was lucky enough to try out Redken's new temporary hair color product, Color Rebel, for Love Inc. last night—and I loved it. As a frequent dyer of my hair (I've gone black, blonde, pink, purple … you name it, I've tried it), it's safe to say I was the best candidate for the job. I usually dye my hair myself, so I'm used to long hours of preparation, application and inhaling chemical fumes in a tiny bathroom with no ventilation. This was not the case with Color Rebel—it was by far the easiest to use and least messy hair dye I've ever had the pleasure of working with, which was a total godsend.

I decided to go with Punked Out Pink for my dye job. The first thing I noticed about this product is that the application is ready to go: there's no mixing and no powder, which I loved. All you have to do is stick the sponge applicator on top of the dispenser and twist to make the product come out. I threw a towel over my shoulders and went to work, running the sponge over every light section of my hair possible. You have to keep twisting to make sure the product comes out liberally enough to cover each section of hair, but I saw results immediately. Since I have an ombrĂ©, the bottom of my hair is very light, so it didn't take me too long to do this. I did, however, keep adding a few more layers of product—just to test the waters.

I originally expected it to be a very bold, shocking pink, which I was a little nervous about, but it's lighter than I had planned and I prefer it that way. Platinum blonds, however, may want to do a test strand before going all out, since my hair is a relatively dark blonde at the bottom. It washes out after two shampoos, as well; it's so convenient for someone who has to be ultra-professional during the week, but really wants to change their look up a bit for the weekends. I think it's perfect for offbeat, funky brides and grooms who want to add some flair for their wedding—it's the perfect mix of subtle yet noticeable!

Color Rebel comes in five different shades: Red-y to Rock, a true red; Rebel Without a Coral, a punchy coral; Punked Up Pink, fuchsia pink (and highly recommended!); Purple Riot: bright purple, and Gilty as Charged: gold shimmer. It hits stores later this month—so make sure to get it as soon as you can!

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