Treat Yo-Self: 7 Ways to Pamper Yourself In the Weeks Before Your Wedding

It's go time! Your wedding date is nearing, your checkbook is getting a workout with paying off vendors and your social media is blowing up with early congratulatory messages. This is when stress starts peaking and wedding insanity sets in. As you wrap up DIY projects, wrangle missing RSVPs and dash off to last-minute fittings, you might find yourself in need of some serious TLC. So, treat yo-self!


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1. Keep a Bottle of Bubbly in the Fridge

I actually highly advocate this for all of the wedding planning, but I especially advocate it during the final weeks of wedding planning. It's hard not to have brightened spirits when downing a flute full of effervescent bubbles, and let's be real: Even if it's a cheap bottle of Andre, you still feel classy as hell.

2. Plan a Wedding-Free Night or Weekend

Since it takes two to tango, you're likely not the only one who is experiencing stress and anxiety. Grab your honey and go out for date night with one rule: No Wedding Talk. Talk about work, gossip about friends, wax poetic about the weather … anything but the wedding. Take time to enjoy one another. Better yet, check Groupon and head out of town for a mini-vacations to reset and focus on one another. The final days of wedding planning can be especially jarring to a relationship, so a weekend away to reset with just the two of you might be just what the doctor ordered.

3. Get the Spa Treatment

The ultimate pampering: A day at the spa. And baby, go all out! Get a mani-pedi, relax with a massage, schedule any hair treatments or color, refresh with a facial … all of it. Stress can be especially cruel to our bodies, and there are few better ways to rejuvenate and truly feel pampered than a day of bliss and relaxation. If you don't have time for a full spa visit, treat yourself to some in-home luxury with a DIY scrub.

4. Retail Therapy

There's just something about spending a little money (wisely) on yourself that can be so cathartic. Head to the mall or your favorite stores to pick up some goodies for the honeymoon, find a fresh outfit for your first day back to work after the wedding (it's kind of like the first day of school) or just get yourself a little somethin'-somethin' for kicking so much ass at planning this whole wedding. Because you deserve it.

5. Say Yes to Social Events

By no means should you over-commit yourself, but sometimes just getting out for an evening with friends is a nice way to reconnect and relax. Keep the wedding chatter to a minimum and revel in the company you love. Or, if you're feeling up for it, host a gathering with some of your fave peeps and put all those early wedding gifts to use! You know you can't wait to show off the cocktails you whip up in your Ninja blender or your fancy West Elm Ikat serving bowls.

6. Log Some Solo Time

Whether you're a yogi, a runner, an audiophile or a journaler, grab your passion and head out the door sans cellphone and future spouse. Do some sun salutations in the park, log some miles in your favorite part of town, people-watch with your favorite tunes or head to a coffee shop to jot down all of the jumbling in your head. Time by yourself to reflect, analyze and appreciate this momentous time in your life may help you shift your focus, and you'll be thankful you got a little quiet time for just you.

7. Bust Out the Binge

Let's be real — you've been pretty damn good to yourself lately. You've been eating right, getting exercise, taking care of your hair, nails and skin and overall have been shying away from the stuff you know you “shouldn't” have. So, for just one night, throw all of that out the window and holler at your favorite pizza joint, grab a sixer of craft brew and flop down on the couch to delve into a serious binge of a good show (I highly recommend “Fargo”). Forget etiquette, manners, place cards, first dances, timelines … and focus on how amazing Martin Freeman is in all of his roles (uh, helloooo original Jim/Tim from “The Office”).

How are you allowing yourself to indulge, pre-wedding? We want to hear from you, so share in the comments!

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