Stick on Gel Nails

Stick-On Nails Get a Glow Up with ManiMe's Custom Gel Collection

This isn't your 90s slumber party at-home manicure.

In fact, the quality of ManiMe's customized stick-on gels is downright wedding-worthy, and come in trendy designs that will enhance any wedding day look. 
After measuring your nails through their easy-to-use virtual scanning process, they send you your customized kit of non-toxic, cruelty-free, and 10-free gels that you simply peel, stick and smooth. It's really that simple, and within minutes, you have a gorgeously designed manicure that looks like you spent hours at the salon. 
They have 17 collections to browse through, ranging from neutral to fun and funky, and many being a collaboration with a well-known designer, but here are some of our favorites.
A design collab with LGBTQ+ darling Jonathan Van Ness, this retro wavy rainbow mani is the perfect pop for your Pride outfit. 
manime-manicure-signature-capsule-collectionWith cloud-like cuticle designs, scattered silver foil lining, and a warm sheer backdrop, this airy look is perfectly sophisticated. 
From their latest Summer Picnic collection, this abstract design features muted neutrals with playful pops of tangerine and lavender.  manime-manicure-black-artists-collection
This gorgeous gold shade was created by Black artist Lux K for their BHM collection, and was inspired by one of Lux's first nail appointments. My client wore a Notorious BIG Shirt. I always loved the visual we took that day, and wanted to pay homage to my journey that began in Brooklyn. I love how brown skin shines in gold and reminds us of our ancestors. I also love how gold jewelry is a statement to my culture, hip hop, and our lineage in Africa. Gold is universally beautiful on ALL skin hues – this set is about spreading love to everyone. It's the Brooklyn way. Word to Big.”
manime-manicure-summer-picnic-collection Another pick from their just-dropped Summer capsule, this dreamy gradient goes from ceremony to reception to honeymoon seamlessly. 
What's not to love with this semi-sheer, multi-colored mani? A glittery finish and white celestial bursts add extra flair to this Pride-worthy lookmanime-manicure-stick-on-gels
Balancing a bold design with gentle serenity, this look harmonizes beautiful tonal colors that are very on-trend. manime-manicure-marrow-wedding-collection
A fresh update to the French mani, this pretty dusty blue from their collaboration with fine jewelry brand Marrow is the perfect Something Blue. manime-manicure-wedding
For the traditionalists, this off-white pearlescent shimmer is perfection. 
Like a flute of fine champagne, this shimmery golden design never fails to make an impression.