Step Up Your Dating Game and Revamp Date Night with DateBox

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that wedding planning can quickly take over your life. There are endless decisions to make — finalizing the guest list, choosing cake flavors, picking out flowers and agreeing on what the wedding party will wear — and sometimes it seems as if the wedding is all you and your fiancé/e talk about. But the wedding shouldn’t consume your entire engagement, and it certainly shouldn’t impose on date night! So we were stoked when we came across DateBox, a subscription service that delivers fun, creative dates right to your doorstep. No more ordering Seamless and falling asleep in front of the TV every Friday night. Now, you can get your hands dirty and cook, craft, build or explore together, and revisit the reasons you fell in love. 

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Inside each box, an adventure awaits. Whether it contains all the ingredients to bake decorative and delicious cake pops, a dance class DVD and Spotify playlist to dance along with, or the tools and fixings to make homemade sushi, it won’t be long before wedding planning is the last thing on your mind. If you’re looking for a consistent, guaranteed date night — something we think is especially important during the wedding planning process — boxes can be delivered to your door monthly, and at $34.95 per box, that’s cheaper than going out for dinner, drinks and a movie! Or if you just want to shake things up and stray from your routine date nights every once in awhile, there’s also an option to receive boxes every three or six months. Engagements are an exciting and thrilling time in your life, shouldn't date nights be, too?datebox-fun-creative-date-night-ideasice-cream-sundae-date-night-dateboxbaking-together-date-night-dateboxdate-box-subrsciption-date-night-ideasdatebox-fun-date-nightsdate-box-cake-pop-baking-date-night


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