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How to Create a Wedding Seating Chart

Follow our tips to plan your wedding seating chart and knock it off your to-do list!

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed with the idea of creating a wedding seating chart for your big day? Trust me, it's a common headache amongst soonlyweds, but fear not! It may seem daunting at first, but with a bit of organization and creativity, you can make it a fun and enjoyable part of the wedding planning process.

First things first: ask your wedding venue for floor plan options. This will give you a clear idea of how many guests you can accommodate and how many tables you'll need, and decide which type of table you want (round, square or long).

Once you have your floor plan, it's time to start categorizing your guests. Think about the relationship each guest has to you and your partner, and use this to help determine which tables they should be seated at. For instance, close friends and family members can be seated at tables closer to the couple, while coworkers can be seated together.

As you're creating your seating chart, it's important to keep your guests' needs in mind. If you have guests with dietary restrictions or physical limitations, make sure they're seated at a table where their needs can be accommodated (i.e. don't sit Grandma next to the speakers!). It's also a good idea to consider any language barriers and seat guests together who speak the same language.

Remember that your seating chart isn't set in stone. You may need to make adjustments as RSVPs come in or if there are last-minute changes. The key is to be flexible and open to making adjustments as needed.

Overall, creating a wedding seating chart can be a fun and rewarding part of the wedding planning process. With a bit of creativity and some handy tools, you can create a seating chart that will make your guests feel comfortable and included.

Photo credit: Adam Kealing Photography from Lauren and Derek's Austin Wedding

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