Sarah and Lauri’s Icelandic Adventure Engagement Shoot


Sarah and Lauri drove around Iceland for three days with their photographer Mait Jüriado of M&J Studios, stopping amongst glaciers, fjords, Mars-like terrains and lagoons — a variety of scenery that which can seemingly only be found in Iceland. “Iceland’s nature, weather and culture just really works for us,” says the couple of their engagement photographic adventure. “Everything is gray and then suddenly totally green and full of sheep.”

The Love Story

They met while they were studying at Tartu, a university town in Estonia. “As cheesy as it sounds, it was true love at first sight,” says Lauri. “They say Tartu is the town of good thoughts. I say it’s the city of love.’

The Proposal

Under the guise of a concert date night, Lauri had Sarah meet him in a flower garden. When she arrived, he gave her a pair of earphones. “We started to walk on a pathway that was covered hundreds of candles. At the same time we both listened Parachute Band’s song called ‘Consecrate.’ In the end of that pathway I knelt and asked if she’s willing to spend her life together with me,” says Lauri. “I got the best answer.”

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