Marc Jacobs Proposes to Charly Defrancesco at Chipotle with a Flash Mob

When you go to Chipotle, the only question you expect to have to answer is whether or not you want to pay extra for guac. But on one particular Chipotle visit, Charly Defrancesco was asked a life-altering question by his boyfriend, fashion designer Marc Jacobs.

In a video posted to Jacobs’ Instagram Thursday, the couple was met with a flash mob dancing to Prince’s “Kiss” upon entering the restaurant. Even the employees behind the line got in on the action, and you can see Defrancesco's face light up as he records the excitement on his phone, not knowing what's coming next. As the dance comes to an end, Jacobs drops to one knee, completely surprising Defrancesco who quickly nods his head yes. Jacobs then springs to his feet to embrace him in a hug.

Defrancesco, who has his own candle line Lit by Char and also works as a model, and Jacobs had likely been dating for a couple years before Jacobs proposed in what has to be one of the most epic proposals inside a Chipotle ever. Now that the ring is on, we can't wait to see this stylish couple tie the knot. Congratulations Marc and Charly!

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