Kelly and Ryan’s Tree Farm Engagement Shoot

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Sharing a mutual love for Christmas, Kelly and Ryan knew their friend's tree farm would be a perfect place for Carlyn K Photography to capture the warmth of their snowy, winter engagement bliss. From brightly-colored hats and scarves to plaid blankets and paper hearts, it's obvious that nothing could make this fun-loving couple's energy freeze up!

The Love Story

Since Kelly and Ryan first spoke to each other at a high school football game, they started on a destined road to romance and haven't looked back. Despite some ups and downs over the course of close to six years, Kelly and Ryan's love story was truly meant to be … always leading them to find their way back to one another.

Despite some initial rejection, Ryan was determined to not let his soul mate get away and let Kelly's hurdles further ignite a spark inside him. “I had recently lost a friendship, and I realized he was the only person I wanted to talk to about it,” Kelly shares with us. “He came and picked me up and drove me around for hours while I cried in his truck. Any guy who has been turned down for months and will still put you first is a keeper.”

The Engagement

Every November, Ryan's family travels to Oglebay Resort in West Virginia for some R&R but little did Kelly know that this particular family trip would be the best vacation yet. Being that Ryan had always wanted to propose in front of a waterfall, he had planned to take Kelly to Cuyahoga State Park that Sunday morning. However, Kelly woke up that morning feeling pretty sick, which threw Ryan for a nerve-wracking loop. Thankfully, Kelly's illness subsided and she and Ryan made their way to Brandywine Falls. “He told me to wait on the viewing deck because he wanted to ask a gentleman there to take some pictures of us. He came back to where I was standing and got down on one knee, pulled out the ring and almost dropped it off the side of the ledge! He caught it in the air, and then asked me to marry him … I said yes! He had been planning this whole thing for months, and both of our families were waiting for us at my house when we got home for a small engagement party.”

The Ring

“It's an oval shaped diamond surrounded by a halo and a diamond band. It's exactly what I have wanted my whole life. I grew up around jewelry since my family owns a jewelry store, so from a young age, I knew what I liked. Ryan and I have talked about rings, so he knew that it would fit my taste exactly. He and my dad worked on it for a few months, so it was perfect.”

Memorable Moment

For Ryan and Kelly, the smallest moments of their engagement, which melted into one another as easily as the snow flakes in their photos, had the biggest impact. “It is an honor to be marrying Ryan. He is so romantic and thoughtful all the time.”

Wedding Date: December 27, 2014


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