Joseph and Avita’s Artsy Lincoln Center Engagement Shoot


Joseph and Avita are both entertainment attorneys ā€“ and the entertainment part is not lost on them! Support of the arts is how they met, interest in the arts is how they fell in love, and the art culture in New York City ended up being the theme of their engagement shoot. Taken by the talented Angelica Criscuolo, their engagement shoot at Lincoln Center definitely captures the essence of this artsy couple.

The Love Story

Joseph and Avita are native New Yorkers, but their love story begins on another coast entirely. The two met at the Grammy Luncheon at the Beverly Hills Hotel in January 2010. A networking event for aspiring young attorneys brought them to California, but destiny led to them being seated at the same table.

The couple dated for three years after that, before getting engaged on Valentineā€™s Day 2013.

The Proposal

Joseph says he wanted to make sure his proposal was special and what day is more romantic than Valentineā€™s Day? ā€œValentineā€™s Day is a special day to us because we always take time out, no matter how crazy our day is, to make sure we celebrate one another on that day,” explains the groom-to-be.

Joseph brought Avita to a concert at Irving Plaza, meaningful not only because music helped bring them together when they first met, but because Avita loves seeing live performances, making the proposal all the more romantic!

Afterwards, Joseph took Avita for a walk through Union Square Park, one of Avitaā€™s favorite places (because of the farmerā€™s market, naturally!), and got down on one knee and popped the question.

Joseph says, ā€œI promised to always have adventurous, fun nights like the one we just had, and to take care of her for all of her life.”

The Ring

Avita tells us her ring is perfect, ā€œthe exact ring I have always wanted.” Itā€™s classic, a diamond solitaire, in the same style as both their mothers' engagement rings; a sentimental touch to their new life together.

Wedding Date: March 29, 2014

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