Lesbian Engagement Shoot

Industrial Engagement Shoot with Downtown Glam Style

Brittny Drye Founder + Editor-in-Chief of Love Inc. Magazine | On-Air Wedding Expert | LGBTQ+ Inclusivity in the Wedding Industry

Who knew empty parking lots, gritty alleyways and building rooftops could look so cool?! Well, when you have love (and style!) like Alexis and Jasmine, you can make any setting look like the perfect photo opp. The downtown industrial vibes of this engagement shoot gives the photos by Kabrei Holt Photo such great texture and Alexis and Jasmine's sexy stares at each other is giving us #goals.

It's clear these two are madly in love with each other. And Alexis knew Jasmine was The One after she introduced her to her three-year-old, Suri Rose. “From the get-go, Jasmine was very structured, tight-laced, and militant. My daughter is a wildflower that dances to the beats of her own drum. I decided it was time to really put our relationship to the test and see how Jasmine would do with my daughter. I thought surely, Jasmine would spend five minutes in our crazy, loud, messy house and go running for the hills! My kiddo being the spunky kid she is, walked up to Jasmine and asked her to play. Jasmine got down on the ground with her and they played for hours! I saw the sensitive, gentle, loving side of Jasmine that I hadn't quite seen yet. She was always so strong and stern on the outside, but this tiny three-year-old turned that rough exterior to straight mush! I sat back for hours and watched them play and they just clicked! I knew Jasmine was the calm to our storm.”

For their engagement shoot, they wanted to go for a downtown glam vibe. Alexis's grandmother had passed down her fur coats to her, and this session was the perfect time to break them out. “I told the photographer about how near and dear they were to my heart and she jumped on board and brought the vision to life! Not only are these photos so special to us, my grandmother will love seeing our pictures wearing her coat!”

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