Insect Repellents for Summer Wedding

Insect Repellent Ideas for Summer Weddings (Plus a Thermacell Giveaway!)

Learn how to keep mosquitoes and other uninvited guests away from your outdoor wedding, plus enter to win a giveaway of Thermacell's best-selling repellent product for your summer fun.

There’s nothing like an outdoor wedding—romantic, playful, beautiful, fun! But behind those amazing photos lurks a problem—or rather millions of them.

Keeping mosquitoes, flies, and other uninvited guests away is crucial in making your alfresco wedding memorable for all the right reasons.

Depending on your venue, it’s possible to take some proactive steps to limiting these bloodthirsty wedding crashers. Make sure any standing water is removed ahead of time, utilize larger fans to keep the air circulating, and even consider installing a bat box to keep the pest population under control. 

Our friends at Thermacell know the struggle all too well, which is why we teamed up with them to give away their best-selling product to TWO of our lucky readers. Scroll down to enter and learn more day-of tips to make sure you and your guests stay comfortable and dancing all night long. 

Thermacell Giveaway

Thermacell’s Protective Perimeter

Fortify your reception perimeter with any of the amazing, discreet products from Thermacell. Choose from a variety of their environmentally friendly portable devices, all scent- and spray-free. We are obsessed with their compact EL55 rechargeable Mosquito Repeller ($49.99) which creates a 20-foot zone of protection, and their selection of Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller Lanterns which won’t detract from your décor.

GIVEAWAY: To enter to win, follow us (@loveincmag) and Thermacell (@thermacell) on Instagram, and comment on this Instagram post how you'd use your Thermacell EL55 this summer. Comment by Friday, July 7th at 11:59 p.m. EST. A winner will be chosen at random and announced the following week. Good luck!

Mosquito and Bug Repellent Station at Wedding

Be Smitten, Not Bitten

Have some fun with bite prevention stations placed strategically around your venue (complete with adorable signage like this one!). Stock them with some good insect repellant wipes, small bottles of bug spray, patches, extra fans, insect-repelling bracelets, and don’t forget the itch relief! Just remember, some guests may have allergies or other sensitivities so having multiple options, or looking for natural remedies, may be a good choice. Don't forget to make it stylish with signage!

Lavender Wedding Flowers

Mother Nature to the Rescue

Keep mosquitoes at bay with beautiful greens and blooms. Centerpieces and other flower arrangements with cut or potted lavender, lantana, lemon thyme, hummingbird mint, or other pest-repelling plants are a fragrant and lovely way to help keep the insect population down. | Photo from Megan and Marisa's Lavender and Gray Wedding, photographed by Megan Rei Photography

Fans for Summer Weddings

A Lovely Breeze

Personalized fans for guests is a no brainer for any outdoor wedding, and luckily there’s no shortage of color or style to match your taste. Small fans keep your guests cool and the breeze keeps bugs moving on. There’s also the added bonus that fans make for great selfie props! Available on Etsy for $20

Drink Covers for Summer Weddings

Save the Cocktails!

Nothing brings down a party like finding bugs in your drink. Mosquitoes in particular are attracted to sugary liquids so it’s a good idea to stock your bar with drink covers to keep beverages safe. We like these because they have a space for a straw so guests don’t have to take them off and on. A cupcake liner with a hole punched in the middle also does the trick. Available on Etsy for $19.60 for 25

Food Fans for Bug Repelling Summer Wedding

Food Fans

Insects don’t like to stay where the air is moving, and large fans can be loud and cumbersome in many situations. These small table fans placed on buffets, or at dinner tables help keep the bugs off your meal. Available on Amazon for $15.99

DIY Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

DIY Defensive Décor

Tiki torches are a fun way to deter bugs, but they don’t fit in at every event. These DIY wine bottle versions would look amazing spaced around your reception and help keep pests out. Avoid the citronella smell at food tables with this natural DIY candle option.

Bug Repellent Ideas for Summer Weddings Burning Sage

Helping Fires

If a bonfire is factoring into your festivities, toss some bundles of dried sage into the flames throughout the night. Burning sage is a cleansing, clean aroma that mosquitoes and other bugs don’t like. You can also mix in some dried mint or rosemary as well.

Food Protectors for Summer Weddings

Cover it Up

You spent months planning a beautiful event, the last thing you want to do is ruin the look with ugly mesh food covers, even if they do keep bugs out of your canapes. Luckily, finding beautiful food protectors is easy! We like the natural look of these World Market options. And don’t forget to protect your cake at all costs! Available at World Market for $19.99

Thermacell Giveaway

GIVEAWAY: To enter to win, follow us (@loveincmag) and Thermacell (@thermacell) on Instagram, and comment on this Instagram post how you'd use your Thermacell EL55 this summer. Comment by Friday, July 7th at 11:59 p.m. EST. A winner will be chosen at random and announced the following week. Good luck!

Written by Erin Sernoffsky

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