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Inclusively Yours Guest Podcast Details

I am so excited to have you on as a guest for our inclusive wedding planning podcast, Inclusively Yours! Please keep in mind that much of our audience is LGBTQ+ so refrain from using heteronormative terms like “bride” and instead use gender-neutral options such as “couple.” I highly recommend checking out our article on heteronormative wedding terms to avoid before your interview to ensure your terminology is inclusive.

Scheduling Your Interview Time:

If you haven't already done so, please select a time for your podcast recording session here. We ask that you carve out at least 45 minutes for our discussion. Make sure to schedule it during a time where you will be in a quiet, controlled environment without any distractions, and ideally in a smaller room to prevent echoing. Shockingly, closets are very popular spaces for podcasting! Additionally, as much as I love pets and kids, please make sure that they are not around during the interview. 

Press Materials:

In order to ensure we have all of your information to properly promote you, please thoroughly fill out our questionnaire (this one if you're a real couple and this one if you're an industry expert).

Technical Requirements:

We record remotely, so it's important that you have the following:

  • A desktop or laptop computer. You cannot record using a phone.
  • Reliable Internet access.
  • We recommend not joining while connected to VPN or work networks as those environments tend to filter network traffic.
  • Google Chrome browser works best and is preferred, but FireFox, Opera and Brave are all officially supported on our recording platform. If you don’t have Google Chrome, you can easily download it here:
  • A pair of headphones with a microphone (Apple headphones/mic combo that plug in work best — we've learned the Airpods don't work as well).
  • Volume set at 50%.
  • Please restart your computer before you log into our session.
  • Before our session, you will receive a link invite to our recording platform SquadCast. Please sign up 15 minutes before our scheduled time so that we can work out any technical issues prior.
  • I've found that having video when we chat helps keep the interview conversational, but you can turn yours off if you so choose. We only record audio, so feel free to chat in your pajamas — I promise I don't judge!

What to Expect:

You may be nervous — don't be! Treat as if you were just chatting with a friend. We'll send a list of questions beforehand so you have an idea of what we'll be talking about, but we try to keep the conversation organic so the questions aren't set in stone, We'll start with a quick chat off-air and then dive in. This isn't live, so if you mess up, simply pause and ask for a redo. The beauty of editing!

I cannot wait to chat with you, and please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions/issues. My email is [email protected] and my cell number is 347-721-0320.

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Brittny Drye
As a lover of all things wedding and a fierce cheerleader for marriage equality, I decided to marry my two passions and create a resource where all couples—gay, straight and lesbian—can be equally represented. Armed with seven years in both print and online lifestyle journalism, I dove headfirst into this passion project in 2013 and Love Inc. was born. I’m inspired every day by the couples that grace our pages, from the can’t-live-without-you grasps to the gentle sweeping away of a happy tear, the love that they so clearly have for each other is intoxicating, and drives me to create the best product possible … while enjoying every second of it.