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Find Your Trainer: The Workout On-Demand Service That Makes Sweating Seamless

Brittny Drye Founder + Editor-in-Chief of Love Inc. Magazine | On-Air Wedding Expert | LGBTQ+ Inclusivity in the Wedding Industry

Laundry, groceries, beauty … on-demand services have become a staple in our busy lives where convenience is key. And when those services make a seemingly luxury experience not only affordable but easily accessible, well … sign me up!

Find Your Trainer does just this, matching you with a vetted personal trainer based on your desired trainer style, fitness goals and availability. Think of it like the Seamless of fitness (but with the opposite calorie effect!). 

I've always wanted to work with a personal trainer but the gym memberships and/or buying the equipment for at-home training on top of the actual hourly rate, was a huge turn-off. With FYT, you don't have to spend extra on memberships or gear. You can select where you'd like to train (gym, at-home or a private studio) and they'll even bring the equipment if they need to. You literally just have to book, show up and prepare to work. You can even book trainers with a partner or a group of friends, bringing the cost per person down even more. And they're available in multiple cities and states.

Of course, I never like to recommend any service without trying it out myself, so I booked my own sweat session and was surprised at how seamless the process was. After filling out a quick questionnaire, it matched me with a handful of trainers and gave their location, what they specialize in, their availability, a quick bio and reviews from previous clients. Just coming off of maternity leave and a difficult pregnancy, the personality of the person was an important factor to me (i.e. I was terrified of getting a drill sergeant!), and I loved being able to learn a bit about each trainer in their profiles to help me with selection. And there was no back-and-forth when it came to figuring out availability — you select a day/time slot from their calendar right on the site. So easy!

I finalized with Cassandra, who was extremely informative in all aspects of fitness and nutrition, and pushed me just hard enough for my fitness level while showing me the proper technique for each move (turns out, I had been doing bench presses wrong my entire life … oops!). 

And, bonus! They're running a special in which you get your first session free, and then, you can save $50 on your second session with code GETFYT. So sign up and start sweating!

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