Engagement Party Invitations

Engagement Party Invitations: What to Know, Plus Our Editor Picks

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Kicking off your wedding journey with an engagement party is like the ultimate pre-party for the main event. It's where you get to celebrate the fact that you’ve found your person for happily ever after. And the invitations? They're your squad’s golden tickets to this love fest. So, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of making these invites as unforgettable as your aunt’s dance moves at family gatherings.

The Real Deal About Engagement Party Invites

Think of your engagement party invites as the opening act of your wedding saga. They’re not just scraps of paper or digital blips—they're the first peek into your epic love story (or sitcom, depending on the day). Whether you're throwing a laid-back barbecue or a swanky soiree, these little heralds set the stage.

Picking a Style: What’s Your Flavor?

Before you get lost in fonts and colors, have a heart-to-heart with your better half about the party vibe. Rustic BBQ chic? Glitter and glamour? This is like choosing your adventure—wedding edition. Your decision here is the compass for your invites.

Timing Is Everything (Well, Almost)

You want to host an engagement party within a couple of months from the proposal, before you start diving into the official wedding planning. Ideal timing for chucking these invites into the world is about a month before the big bash. This gives everyone enough time to clear their calendars, pick out outfits, and practice their “surprised” faces for your engagement story. As for the guest list, remember: inviting someone to this shindig means they're probably getting a ticket to the main event, too. Choose wisely.

Crafting Those Bad Boys

Now for the fun part: making those invitations. Here are some things to ponder:

  • Digital or Paper? There’s something about a physical invite that screams “This event is too cool to miss.” But hey, digital invites can be slick, save trees, and are kinder to your wallet. Your call!
  • Wording: This is where you let your personalities shine. Formal, casual, or somewhere in between, just don’t forget the basics: who, what, when, and where.
  • Look and Feel: Match the design to your party theme. Whether you’re hiring a designer, DIY-ing, or using a template, aim for an invite that screams “you.”

The Fancy Stuff: Paper and Printing

For those going old school with paper, think about the touchy-feely aspect. Textured paper can make your invite feel like a VIP pass. And printing methods? Foil stamping, embossing, or letterpress can add that “Ooh la la” factor.

Addressing the Envelopes: A Lesson in Etiquette

Let this be your first lesson in envelope addressing, great practice before you send the official wedding invitations. Be sure to stick to typical address etiquette, and save it on a spreadsheet so you're not having to do double the work when it's time to send save-the-dates.

RSVP: Yes, No, Maybe?

Choose an RSVP method that doesn’t require a degree in rocket science for your guests. Make it clear, easy, and with a deadline that doesn’t leave you biting your nails two days before the party.

Invitation Etiquette: The Dos and Don’ts

  • Who’s Throwing This Party? Nowadays, it’s anyone’s game. Just make sure the invite says who’s hosting.
  • Gifts or Nah? Gifts at an engagement party aren’t a must, but if people insist, who are you to say no? Because gifts are not expected for an engagement party, you shouldn't include the wedding registry on the invite, but feel free to get a headstart on putting one together in case someone requests your registry link.
  • Thank You Cards: After the party, don’t ghost your guests. A quick thank you for showing up and any gifts is classy and just good karma.

Our Engagement Party Invitation Picks

Your engagement party is the start of your “official” journey to the altar. The invites are more than just details—they’re the first chapter in your wedding story. Make them fun, make them you, and most importantly, make sure they get people excited for the main event. Now go forth and plan that party!

Clink, clink with this whimsical illustration engagement party invitation. $145 for 55 by Minted

This unique engagement party invite features bold typography and a trending color palette. $145 for 55 by Minted

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Bright and bold, this engagement party invite definitely makes a statement! $145 for 55 by Minted

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This formal foil engagement party invite feels fresh and modern without sacrificing elegance. $94 for 50 by Basic Invite

Fun with a vintage flair, this engagement party invite sets the scene for a semi-formal celebration. $55 for 50 by Basic Invite

Going the digital route? This editable template features celebratory champs and is the perfect kickoff to the party. $4.94 from Etsy

Gatsby but make it modern. Another digital option that allows you to upload your own logo up top in place of the rings, if you so choose. $7.49 from Etsy

This instant download for a surprise engagement party is perfect if you want to print yourself. $12 from Etsy

Another file download to make your engagement party planning a breeze. This one features a festive rainbow color scheme and wordplay. $8.50 from Etsy

This editable template features adorable “perfect match” phrasing with illustration. $9.99 from Etsy

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Say I Do to an outdoor barbecue engagement party with these rustic invites featuring a faux bois pattern. $102 for 50 by Shutterfly

Celebrate your love and embrace LGBTQ+ pride with this vibrant and inclusive engagement party invitation download. Featuring a captivating rainbow heart design, it beautifully represents queer love and the joy of your special occasion. $4.09 on Etsy

Photo credit by Katie Stewart Photography from Black-and-White Engagement Party Inspiration


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