Danny and Eric’s Mountaintop Engagement Session

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Danny and Eric walked hand-in-hand through twigs and trails to reach the rocky peaks in the lush North Carolina mountains while expressing their love for one another during their engagement session, beautifully captured by Kayla Coleman Photography. As the couple hiked through the green wooded area, they stole kisses and shared laughter, smiles and unconditional love. The scenery was almost as romantic as the two lovebirds and their fairy-tale story. Almost.

The Love Story

Love could not have come at a better time for Danny and Eric. The two were both struggling with life changes while living in Houston and trying to find happiness.

“We met in Houston at a difficult point in both of our lives,” Eric recalled. “Danny had just moved to Houston for a job that didn't end up being as fulfilling as he thought it would be and was having trouble making friends. I was transitioning out of graduate school and finding myself more lonely as friends gradually left Houston for other places and jobs.”

When the two met online it was fate. The couple took the plunge and decided to go on a date. They spent their first date at a local Irish pub and to their surprise they enjoyed the next three hours together through easy conversation and good company.

“I remember thinking he was very handsome, and liked his jersey stripped jacket and horn-rimmed glasses,” Eric reminisced.

After that date, the couple dreaded spending time apart. Only a year after dating, Danny said he knew Eric was The One.

“He went home to North Carolina to spend the month of July with family and friends. I knew I would miss him while he was on vacation, but I had no idea how important he had become to me,” Danny remembered.

The Proposal

While enjoying a friend’s wedding in Washington D.C., Eric and Danny found another reason to celebrate – a reason of their own.

Although Eric wanted to propose to Danny in a traditional way – asking for his parents' blessing, have a ring in his hand and get down on one knee – he simply could not wait to begin his life with the man he loved, so he threw tradition out the window and proposed to Danny on the spot.

“When we were at a friend's wedding — I know you should never propose at a wedding, oops — we were alone on a balcony overlooking the White House and they were turning off the lights in the West Wing. It was so beautiful and quiet and I impulsively asked if he would marry me,” Eric exclaimed.

Danny cried at the proposal and when the couple returned to their friend’s wedding reception, Danny continued to weep. The partygoers blamed Eric for putting Danny in a lousy mood but little did they know Danny was actually shedding tears of joy.

“I remember being completely shocked when Eric asked me to marry him,” Danny recalled. “He is kind of a slow mover, he definitely takes his time to make every decision. I thought it would be at least another year or two until he would be ready, but when it happened I was over the moon!”

It was not until days after they returned from the wedding that they shared their exciting news with friends and family.

The Ring

After loving Danny for years, Eric knew the perfect ring for his soon-to-be husband.

“Eric chose a beautiful engagement ring for me,” Danny merrily mentioned. “My style is very eclectic/vintage and that is exactly what he picked out. It has a yellow gold band with a rose gold leaf detail. The face of the ring is a rose gold base with a yellow gold leaf detail and a small red stone.”

Wedding Date: May 31, 2014


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