Queer Backyard Wedding

Backyard Wedding with Colorful Wildflowers and Witchy Elements

Pre-ceremony meet-and-greets, oracle cards, and wildflowers in every color, Lacey and Molly threw tradition out the window and made their wedding day a beautiful celebration of their love, in their own backyard.

Lacey and Molly met on a dating app, but didn't take it further because they both needed to do some individually growing. Fast-forward two years when the pandemic hit, and made them both realize, life is too short.

“There were a lot of discussions around what we wanted our life and partnership to look like before we got engaged. Once we knew we wanted to get married, we both kinda joked about who would do it first,” says the couple. Tarot and Oracle had been a significant part of their relationship, so Molly painted a 50-card oracle deck of symbols and memories of their relationship. On one of the cards was an oracle drawing of the ring Molly got for Lacey, which has a ruby in it to represent her fire energy. Two weeks later, on a walk in Denver, Lacey proposed in front of Molly's favorite tree. The ring was an emerald to represent the earth energy of Lacey.

As they began planning their wedding, they were considering a venue in the mountains. “But once we bought our house we were like ‘wait, what if we got married here?'” says Lacey. “Backyard weddings are kind of sacred family traditions on Molly's side, so the chance to bring our community together in our own space felt really magic. Putting money towards our own space felt in alignment with our intention to have a wedding that served as a threshold into supporting our marriage. It was all really intentional and beautiful. Plus, lesbians love DIY projects.”

Lacey wore a custom Bindle & Keep suit and traveled to Brooklyn to get fitted. “They were so affirming, queer friendly, and helpful in getting her the perfect suit for her body,” says Molly, who wore a Savin London dress featured hand-painted floral detailing that spoke to her as an artist.

The overarching theme of their wedding was focused on creating an experience for their guests. As everyone arrived, Molly and Lacey greeted them by the front door, handing out angel cards with inspiring words such as “Joy” and “Healing.” “We didn't want to feel like there was some moment of secrecy around seeing us before the ceremony,” notes the newlyweds. “They were there for us so it felt good to welcome and hug everyone as they walked in.”

The ceremony itself felt like a deeply spiritual experience, blending nature, witchy elements, and their families. Just before walking down the aisle together (“people were expecting Lacey to walk down first since she is more masculine and we wanted to subvert that”), they had a private moment where they pulled an oracle card that pictured “stability,” which was quite meaningful for the moment.

Delia, a dear friend of the couple, officiated the ceremony, guiding everyone to find a personal connection as they began this new chapter with Molly and Lacey. Delia beautifully connected the angel cards given to the guests to their vows, emphasizing the powerful role their loved ones would play in guarding and nurturing their marriage.

A memorable aspect of the ceremony was when Molly's ten-year-old niece recited a heartfelt poem she had written herself, perfectly capturing the elements of love. There were many tears shed as her heartfelt words conveyed love, tenderness, and humor.

Following their touching vows and exchange of rings, the couple broke the glass before walking triumphantly back down the aisle to the tune of “Watermelon Sugar.” Molly's impromptu trust fall into Lacey's arms, symbolizing their trust and the enduring playfulness in their relationship, was wonderfully captured by their skilled photographer.

Colorful wildflowers bought from a local queer flower farmer were arranged by Molly's sister topped the tables and gave them a playful vibe. During the lively reception, guests signed an oracle deck as a guestbook, and were encouraged to pluck tomatoes from the couple's garden on their way out. They closed out the evening with a traditional hora, which was both Lacey and Molly's favorite part of the day. “The strength and excitement of our community really showed up. It was healing, euphoric, and so so so fun.”


Wedding Vendors!

Photography: River & Root Photography

Planning: Anna Rae Events

Flower Farm: Rowdy Poppy

Tent Rental: Benson Tent Rental

Dress Design: Savin London

Suit Design: Bindle & Keep

Desserts: Botanical Bakery of Denver

Dress Shop: Little White Dress

Catering: Mountain Crust

DJ : The Get Down


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