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9 International Tuxedo Alternatives for Multicultural Weddings

Brittny Drye Founder + Editor-in-Chief of Love Inc. Magazine | On-Air Wedding Expert | LGBTQ+ Inclusivity in the Wedding Industry

Find wedding outfits from around the world that will “wow” your guests! From sherwani and kilt to bandhgala and tweed, explore traditional and modern looks for your multicultural wedding.

Are you looking for an eye-catching outfit for your wedding aside from the traditional tuxedo? These outfits from around the world will be sure to “wow” the crowd and are perfect if you're having a multicultural wedding or want to give nod to you or your partner's heritage.

Woven Art Silk Sherwani: The sherwani is India’s traditional wedding garb made from a silk called dupion. This sherwani also has a satin lining for an extra smooth appearance. The golden buttons are another nice touch. This particular sherwani is a beautiful pistachio color, but you can find sherwanis of all colors on the vendor’s website! Available at Shreeman for $366

Wool Blend Kilt with Tartan Flashes and Kilt Hanger: There are many Scottish kilts, but you want to stick with the most formal type for your wedding. This kilt has the quintessential Scottish look, woven by hand with a comfortable wool-polyester blend. The site also has customization options for the perfect fit on your wedding day. Available at Kilts N’ Stuff for $150

Kimono Jacket: The kimono is the traditional robe worn at Japanese weddings. Black and white are the main colors, but you can wear any color you wish! Designed with a lightweight fabric that's perfect for layering, this jacket features intricate illustrations of the Japanese crane flying over blossoms. Available on Etsy for $39.14

Long-Sleeve Elegante Guayabera: The guayabera is a Hispanic dress shirt worn at weddings throughout Central and South America. The linen fabric and intricate embroideries that run down the front of the shirt make a perfect combination. If you’re looking for something semi-formal and romantic, the guayabera is always a safe bet. Available at Cubavera for $44.99

African Two-Piece Wedding Suit: If you’re looking for something more formal than a Dashiki shirt, look no further than this two-piece wedding suit. The trademark embroidery covers the collar, cuffs and buttons, but everything else is a simple and classy matte black. This suit brings the same masculine energy as a tuxedo, without the extra layers and accessories. Available on Etsy for $111.99

Bandhgala Suit: The bandhgala suit, also referred to as the jodhpuri suit, is a staple of Indian fashion notable for its regal look and versatility. Badhgalas are made to combine comfort and formality, bringing a unique level of sophistication to your wedding while still giving you a suit you'll feel fit to wear long after. It's the rare tuxedo alternative to offer wide flexibility in terms of its color and even symmetry, with many asymmetrical options available. If you want boldness and eccentricity, the bandhgala suit has plenty of both. Available at Shreeman for $158

Three-Piece Classic Tweed Suit: Fashion doesn’t get much classier than a tweed suit. Tweed is a vintage clothing fabric worn for centuries, especially among businesspeople in Germany and Europe. The premium wool-polyester blend and single-breasted waistcoat design make this suit look trendy and old-school at the same time. Available at Hockerty for $519

Italian Stretch Linen Suit: This Italian stretch suit epitomizes the business-casual look with a timeless coat, pants and t-shirt combo. Linen is a light, breathable fabric that will keep you cool and comfortable on your big day. This handsome set comes in traditional charcoal, a lively forest green or a laidback khaki. Available at Bonobos for $750

Sand Havana Suit: There aren’t many opportunities to fashionably wear shorts to attend your wedding. This set is perfect for warm outdoor weddings, with a luxurious linen coat and matching knee-high shorts. The light colors and breathable material will help to keep you cool without sacrificing your look or coming across as overly informal. Available at SuitSupply for $618

Written by Jack Shaw | Cover Photo by Courtney Marie Imaging from Robby and Erik's engagement shoot


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