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5 Epic Makeup Looks to Inspire Your Halloween Costume

When the craze of wedding season comes to a halt, vendors turn to other outlets to put their creative talents to use. With Halloween just around the corner, Amelia C & Co Hair and Makeup Artistry and KMH Photography found the perfect opportunity to team up and create and capture some epic makeup looks for those in search of costume ideas that don't require too many different components. All you need is clothes from your own closet, the magic of makeup, and, depending on how invested you want to get, a few extras, such as fake blood or clay molds, which can take your look to the next level.

Three different artists created five total looks for this fun shoot in the forest — a handsome skeleton, a sultry yet scary demon, a mysterious fortune teller, a murderous scarecrow and three broken dolls. Alicia, who created the scarecrow and fortune teller looks, used paint and powder, as well as fake blood for the scarecrow, to bring her makeup looks to life. And for inspiration, she turned to everyone’s favorite spooky Halloween activity. “I was inspired by some scarecrows that I’ve seen at haunted houses when you think it’s fake and then a real person comes out and jumps at you,” Alicia says. “I wanted to have one look be a little scarier since I love going to haunted houses around Halloween.”


One of the most eye-catching looks of the bunch, is the sexy yet sultry demon, who is sporting two horns above bright pink eyeshadow and her fierce brows. Lindsay created the look and drew inspiration from Daniel Radcliffe’s fantasy movie, “Horns.” “The horns look like they grew out of the actor’s skull overnight,” Lindsay says. “I wanted to achieve this look, while also adding a beauty aspect to the character.” To create the horns, Lindsay sculpted molds out of clay, casted them with liquid latex and then painted them with acrylic paint. But if you aren’t trying to go full-DIY with your costume this year, she says that most Halloween stores sell prosthetic horns that are easily applied with the help of spirit gum. And for her second look, Lindsay chose a Halloween classic, reasoning that, “every Halloween photo shoot needs at least one skull!”

If you’re thinking of trying your own hand at a makeup-centric look for your Halloween costume, Alicia suggests you work with what you’ve got. “Whatever you’re doing, go with your own facial structure, and know that if you’re trying to recreate a look, it might look a little different on you, and that’s okay,” she says. “Don’t try to think too much of any ‘rules’ of makeup — just have fun and create. And when it comes to scarier looks, I always say, add blood!” For Lindsay, her advice is to aim for something original. “Don't copy whatever look you find off Pinterest,” she says. “Rather, find multiple inspirational photos and pull characteristics from each to create a completely new look of your own!”


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