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4 Funny LGBTQ Parent YouTubers You Should be Watching

The world of YouTube continues to evolve, housing some of the most creative and relatable content that’s out there today. According to an article recently published in the Wall Street Journal, the 12-year-old video-sharing site receives more than 1 billion hours of views per day, where people tune into everything from addicting cooking videos and makeup tutorials to comedy sketches and daily — a video documenting an intimate peek into the composition of people’s everyday lives. YouTubers invite viewers into their homes, exposing the joy and pain of the behind-the-scenes that many people try to conceal or hide in their relationships. They fiercely bare it all in an important display of transparency, a dedication to YouTube's sacred space that declares this world is wide enough for all of us  — no matter what we look like, what we do or who we love.

The LGBTQ community on YouTube is an incredible outlet for people everywhere. It’s filled with encouraging tales of coming-out stories, people determined to educate the public on LGBTQ rights and an overwhelmingly positive message to embrace who you are. And for every tearful confession of an unaccepting family or the struggle of those who are TTC, there are endless comments from viewers offering their love and support. We've found some wonderful YouTube families who are sharing their most intimate journeys for the whole world to see, and they're hilarious, poignant and inspiring. So here are four funny and genuine LGBTQ YouTubers you should be watching.

Domo and Crissy

Domo and Chrissy are brand new parents, welcoming their son Domonic into the world on March 14 after a successful IUI. An energetic couple who is known for their loveable pranks and playful banter, Domo and Chrissy have invited subscribers into their lives and relationship for more than a year. Within the past year, Domo and Crissy have gotten pregnant, become engaged and given birth to their son, picking up more than 1.8 million subscribers along the way. Earlier this year, their channel garnered national attention for a video they posted featuring the vivacious couple dancing with Domo’s bare pregnant belly out for the world to see. It’s hard not to fall in love with Domo and Crissy, who were cracking jokes and laughing in between contractions on the way to the hospital. With videos documenting their journey to motherhood and an intimate look into the moments their son was born, this channel is a testament to living life true to yourself and not to society's standards.

Matt and Blue

Matt and Blue are a lovable married couple living with their charming son, Crow. Matt, the star of TV-series “Kyle XY,” and his husband, Blue, are self-proclaimed adventure-seekers on a mission to spread love and positivity. The dynamic duo starts every video with the same four words flashing across the screen: “Peace to the World,” adorably spoken by their son. Their entertaining video edits and infectious sense of humor have captured the hearts of more than 160,000 subscribers, who tune in to see a life filled with laughter and fun. These guys are always up to something exciting, making their channel especially binge-worthy. In a more serious video, Matt and Blue shared their honest story of how they became a family, which also happened to align with the start of their YouTube channel. At first, they grappled over wanting biological children and were nervous about taking the adoption route, but once they found an Arizona adoption agency who embraced the LGBTQ community, they knew that was the path they were meant to take. Matt and Blue became parents within a 24-hour period, from when they got the initial call to when they first met their son the next day, who came with only a small box of belongings. The heartwarming story of the smile that swept across Crow’s face when they first locked eyes with him proves the existence of love at first sight and that there is no single avenue to becoming a family. 

Two Dykes and a Tyke

Already moms to four lovable pups, Lyndsey and Nicole’s lively household will be busier by the end of May when their baby is born. As Lyndsey and Nicole set out on the quest for motherhood, they found the amount of information out there for LGBTQ couples looking to start a family scarce. So, they decided to get behind the camera and capture their own journey so that others like them could watch and learn from their experience. In their earliest videos, you see Lyndsey and Nicole as they go to their first fertility appointment, explain the intricacies of reciprocal IVF, reveal the difficulties of losing one of their twin babies during pregnancy and still manage to make the most unexpected things funny, as evidenced by their video titled “Holy Cannoli! Lesbians Go to Lowes” in which Lyndsey tries and is unenthused with her first cannoli on the way to replace a broken kitchen faucet. With a dry sense of humor and clear adoration for each other, there’s so much to love about this empathetic couple.

Living Rosa

Living Rosa’s family of three is about to grow by two! Tara, Mandi and Lennon, their one-and-a-half-year-old daughter with a fiery red head of hair and adorable toothy smile are expecting twin girls in August. Two years ago, Tara and Mandi started their YouTube channel to catalog their journey to parenthood. From IVF ups and downs to the poignant story of how they chose to create their family, this contagiously happy couple is strikingly genuine. What would be mundane everyday tasks, such as cooking dinner or shopping for furniture somehow becomes a charming love story when these two are involved. With more than 57,000 subscribers, this refreshing family of three are guaranteed to make you smile and laugh!


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