Terrill and Nathan’s Sweet City-Meets-Country Engagement Session


Terrill and Nathan are a born-and-raised Southern couple living in Memphis, Tenn. Nathan, originally from Nashville, moved to Memphis to be with Terrill early on in their relationship. Because of this, the couple wanted their engagement shoot to feature both their city and country lives. The gorgeous photos taken by Amy Little in downtown Memphis and at Terrill's country house showcase not only how important both places are to the couple, but how important they are to each other.

The Love Story

Terrill and Nathan met at a holiday party, where Nathan introduced himself … and Terrill didn't make much of it. “I simply introduced myself, said ‘hi', and walked away,” she laughs. Nathan didn't give up on her and came up to her again later in the evening and assertively said, “This is not how this is going to end.” They ended up dancing the rest of the night away and began dating soon after, falling into a love-filled long-distance relationship across Tennessee. Nathan felt so serious about Terrill that he even moved from Nashville to Memphis after dating her for only four months.

They knew that they were meant to be together after their first official date. They went to Terrill's family farm, where they rode four wheelers, shot guns and just spent quality time together. Terrill says, “His dad told Nathanā€™s uncle he was going to marry me one day shortly after that date. Even though he lived more than three hours away, we didnā€™t spend a weekend apart after that date.”

The Proposal

About a year and a half into dating each other, Nathan took Terrill on vacation with him to Destin, Fla. The morning after they arrived, Nathan set up a surprise proposal for Terrill on the beach and sent his mom and sister in to get her. They woke Terrill up early, saying there were dolphins outside, and that she needed to see them. When Terrill got to the balcony, she looked down and saw Nathan standing in the middle of a giant message in the sand: “Will you marry me?” in perfect writing. His family filmed the whole thing, from the minute she saw it to the minute she ran downstairs to see him.

Terrill says, “I started crying when I saw him. I knew he was the man I was going to marry, but it was still such a surprise.” The most memorable part of the proposal, though, was standing on the balcony with Nathan after the fact, as “It looked like something from a movie down below”.

The Ring

The ring is absolutely gorgeous: it's a Venetti Euro-shank band with a 1.02 carat round diamond, flanked by smaller diamonds. The band, made of white gold, features three rows of diamonds. The matching wedding band has one row of diamonds which is the same size as the middle diamonds in the engagement band.

Wedding Date: April 11, 2014

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