Susana and Anna’s Woodsy Engagement Shoot

Miki Vargas Photography took pictures of Susana and Anna as shade from surrounding, towering trees fell on their faces, their eyes locked on one another. After nine years of dating, these two could not be more in love, and these gorgeous pictures in the woods prove it. “Our wedding venue is at Saratoga Springs, a very woodsy area surrounded by beautiful trees,” Anna says. “So it only seemed fit to create the same backdrop for our engagement photos.”


The Love Story

Susana and Anna were first introduced by Susana’s older sister, who just happened to be Anna’s best friend — sometimes love is closer than you think! “We had been dating for at least three years before I decided that this girl was legit,” Anna says with a laugh. “Like, she legitimately loved me, and it wasn’t just a phase she was going through. Once I realized that, my guards were let down, and I felt free to love her back without insecurity; it has been magic and a blessing ever since.”

Susana and Anna dated for nine years before Anna went to Susana’s parents to ask for permission to marry their daughter. “Nervous and afraid, I let them both know that my love for Susana is real and true,” Anna says. “I promised both of them that I will do everything in my power to make Susana happy, and she will never have to wonder if she is loved. Susana’s parents are very dear to my heart, and their blessing was so important to me.” Her parents, of course, welcomed Anna into their family with open arms. All that was left, was to pop the question …


The Proposal

Anna spent months perfecting a surprise proposal for Susana. She planned every little detail down to the song that puts butterflies in Susana’s stomach every time she hears it. The first task was to pick a place. “In 2010, Susana's grandma passed away, and she was very special to Susana,” Anna says. “I remember one year, the women of Susana's family planned a weekend trip in Pismo, and while they were there, they made a special stop to a little cliff close to where her grandma used to live.” Knowing how important this spot already was to Susana and her family, Anna decided it was the perfect place to ask for her hand in marriage.

So Anna arranged a weekend getaway with close friends and then secretly invited Susana's family along, all of who were waiting for her at the spot. Funnily enough, the element of surprise was lost when Susana started to recognize her family members as they approached the cliff. But she still couldn't have known what was about to happen. Sam Smith's acoustic version of “Latch” was playing and Anna had a speech prepared, but she was so nervous, she forgot to read it and instead got down on one knee to tell Susana how much she loved her before asking if she would marry her. “She said yes!” Anna says. “It was truly a very happy day in my life. The knowledge that she too wanted to be with me forever was so gratifying, so empowering, I knew from then on nothing was going to stop us, that we can happily live planning our futures together and just being happy.”

Susana says, “My heart was immediately filled with joy. It was the most perfect proposal; she combined everything I love into one very special evening.”


The Wedding Date: September 17, 2016


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