Nirvaan and Anisha’s Colorful Fall New York Engagement Shoot

For this radiant engagement shoot, Nirvaan and Anisha took a walk down memory lane with Boris Zaretsky Photography in tow, as they visited Central Park and Brooklyn Bridge Park, two places where they spent some of their first and most memorable moments together. It might be summer, but the color of the leaves as they had just begun to change and the way Anisha cozies up to Nirvaan warms our hearts and has us aching for fall.


The Love Story

The first time Anisha met a tired Nirvaan who was out in the city with friends, she thought he was a good-looking man who wasn’t very interesting. She had to drag him to the dance floor and then to the bar to have a drink with her, but in Nirvaan’s defense, it was late and everyone was ready to go home. But the second time they met, when Anisha had the chance to see the real Nirvaan, sparks flew. “He was dressed like a handsome prince and he was a completely different person than what I knew of him from the first time,” Anisha says. “I think we both knew that arrow had struck, and everything fell into place shortly after.”

There were many times that Anisha was convinced she had found the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, but her certainty was solidified after a disagreement. Nirvaan, who didn’t have a car and wasn’t accustomed to driving in the U.S., was determined to find a way to Anisha, who lived an hour away. He rented a car, picked up some of Anisha’s favorite delicacies and met her after work to patch things up. “The way he handled us that night, I knew he was the one for sure,” Anisha says. “He was a complete charmer, calm and collected while I was all furious. I was angry and upset as to what had happened, and he was just happy to see me. That quality, I believe, is very rare, and at that time I knew I didn’t want him to go away ever, come what may. At that moment, I fell in love with him all over again.”


The Proposal

Nirvaan recruited some of their closest friends to help him propose to Anisha on a sunny but chilly January morning in Central Park. Anisha was under the impression that they were headed to a lunch with Nirvaan's colleagues, but when they arrived much too early, they ducked into the park to take some pictures, or so Anisha thought. Nirvaan led Anisha to her favorite spot, the iconic and beautiful Bow Bridge, and began to tell an unsuspecting Anisha how much he loved their life together. “What is he doing?” she began to think, wondering why they were standing in the middle of the bridge. Just as Nirvaan dropped to one knee, their friends who were hiding among the bushes and trees popped out screaming and cheering as Anisha responded yes. “I was completely taken aback because he really did catch me by surprise,” she says. “I hugged Nirvaan and just didn't want to let him go.”

Although Nirvaan managed to surprise Anisha, the truth is, Nirvaan was not the first to pop the question. On a trip to India to meet his parents a year prior, Anisha completely charmed his mother and sister, who energetically invited her into the family with open arms, each giving her a ring of their own. While they were in India, the family also planned a small ceremony called Roka, which is a signal for both sides of the family to stop looking for a match. “My father-in-law started the conversation with the most beautiful worded proposal and asked me to be a part of his amazingly beautiful family,” she says. “I was so much in love with this family already.”


Memorable Moment

“The most memorable part was the feeling of being complete after he had proposed,” Anisha says. “I can never forget how I felt at that moment.”


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