Metallic Floral DIY

Metallic Floral DIY That Adds Instant Glam to Your Flowers

A little sparkle never hurt anyone! We partnered with, which ships farm-fresh roses straight to your door, to create this simple DIY that adds a kiss of glitz to your flowers. It reminds me of metallic dewdrops, don't you think? 


Roses (or other sturdy blooms)
Spray adhesive
Thin paintbrush
Metallic leaf


1. Crumble metallic leaf into flakes. I found crunching it up in a ball and then scraping the pieces loose. Place in dish.

2. Gently spray blooms with spray adhesive.

3. Dip bloom into the metallic flakes.

4. Use paintbrush (or similar pointed object) to lay the flakes onto the petals. 

5. Put in vase and enjoy!

metallic-floral-diy-step-1 metallic-floral-diy-step-2 metallic-floral-diy-step-3 metallic-floral-diy-final

Photography by Ashka Shen

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