Lorrin and Rudy’s Tranquil Griffith Park Engagement Shoot

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Desiring scenic nature and tranquility for their engagement shoot, avid hikers Lorrin and Rudy couldn't think of any place that would be more perfectly suited to capture their joy than Griffith Park, Calif. Victoria Johansson Photography not only highlighted the natural beauty of the landscape in her gorgeous photos, but flawlessly conveyed the calm, ease and effortless happiness that these two share. From their photos, it's obvious that Lorrin and Rudy don't necessarily have to be outdoors to enjoy the breeze when their love is a breath of crisp, fresh air.

The Love Story

So you already knew that dogs are man's best friend, but did you know that they can also be their matchmakers? One evening at Lorrin's college and a dog named Sugar would forever changer her life for the better. “My school was a dog-friendly campus and one of my friends — who was also friends with Rudy — let me walk her dog around school that night. Rudy approached me and asked how I knew Sugar the dog. I replied — with a little sass — ‘Iā€™m her auntie.'” The two immediately hit it off and ended up going back to their mutual friend's house together. “I still have yet to go a day without talking to him!” exclaims Lorrin. “After a couple of months of being together, I couldnā€™t imagine myself with anyone else — I know, super cheesy — but itā€™s true. After I met Rudy, my life just continued in the most exciting, natural way possible. I couldnā€™t imagine it ever changing — we were the perfect additions to each otherā€™s life!”

The Proposal

After three-and-a-half years of dating, Lorrin and Rudy's relationship culminated in a proposal on November 7, 2014. One Friday, Rudy and Lorrin planned to meet at a park for lunch but under very suspicious circumstances. “Rudy insisted on going to the park. Upon getting there, he oddly brought his backpack with him while we ate, which was the first suspicious thing that happened. After we ate and took a little stroll, I had to start heading back to work. Once we made our way to the car, he stopped for a second and said he had something for me. He got on one knee and claimed he forgot everything he planned to say, but still managed to tell me he how much I meant to him and that he needed me for the rest of his life! He pulled out this massive box with the most beautiful ring inside, which explained why he brought his backpack with him in the first place. After a lot of laughing, crying, smiling and a little screaming, I was looking at my hand in awe, sweating and shaking in disbelief. I was so caught up in the moment I forgot I had to be back at work! Before I could embark on my rampage about not wanting to go back to work, Rudy shocked me by blurting out that I didnā€™t have to go back to work because we were going to Disneyland instead! I started screaming and going crazy. He knew how important having time off was to me, so he had asked my boss weeks before. He even packed an overnight bag for me and got a room at the Disney Grand Hotel. It was the best day with my favorite person in the world!”

If you thought this proposal and impromptu trip to Disneyland couldn't get any better … it does. “Upon getting to Disneyland, still on an emotional high, the concierge shocked us with another great surprise. We had coincidentally been chosen as the ‘Grand Family of the Day,' which meant we were upgraded to a one-bedroom suite for the night with access to a VIP club where we could view the fireworks and have free dinner! They even decorated our suite with flower petals and made it extremely romantic for us!”

The Ring

Lorrin's stunning ring is a rectangular cushion cut with a diamond halo and half eternity. The ring, custom-made by Laurie Sarah Designs, features a rose gold band with a morganite center stone. “It is the most unique beautiful ring. I couldnā€™t have wanted anything more!”


Wedding Date: November 7, 2015


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