Layla and Moe’s Romantic Galveston Island Engagement Shoot


Historic Galveston Island, Texas was the perfect location for Layla and Moe’s engagement shoot. The traditional couple – and when we say traditional, we mean from the proposal to the ring – chose it because, as Layla puts it, “I love how every alleyway is different and no matter how many times you actually go to the island you always find something new.” The session, set against stunning brick backdrops, urban landscapes and, of course, a classically Texan antler lamp, really captures the love between Layla and Moe. Their smiles are contagious; you can’t help but be happy for them as you look through their pictures, which were beautifully shot by Jessica Oh Photography.


In what can only be described as a twist of fate, Moe’s best friend had originally fallen for Layla’s cousin – which led to Moe and Layla meeting each other. “Over the next weeks, months and years we would see each other at random events we would be attending – engage in conversation but at the end of the day each go our separate ways,” Moe says.
According to Layla, they didn’t even actually date – they were friends for five years, and out of that friendship blossomed true love. How did she know Moe was the one, after all? “I’m a photographer and I photographed one of my soon-to-be brother-in-laws' pre-wedding parties and during the party I looked over to Moe and realized that I wanted to be his forever.”


The proposal took place on the most romantic day of the year, of course: Valentine’s Day 2014! Since their families are very conventional, Moe says his proposal was more like a courtship, as customary Middle Eastern proposals are. Moe brought his family to Layla’s house and asked her father for her hand; once that happened, the real fun of the proposal could begin. As Layla says, “Once that was settled and my dad said yes, we had to have a bigger asking a couple of weeks later. During this time the groom-to-be brings what we like to call, a small village of close relatives, to “officially” ask for the bride’s hand. Once the fathers agree on everything, everyone says congratulations and we become engaged at that point and then party!”


Layla wanted a vintage-style, cushion-cut ring, but ultimately, she left it up to Moe to decide what the perfect ring would be. As she lovingly puts it, “We went looking and we saw a few that we liked but in the end my man knows me best and he picked the perfect ring out.”

Wedding Date: December 28 2014


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