Kait and Taylor’s Columbus Ohio Engagement Shoot

June 26, 2015 was an important day around the country and just as important to Kait and Taylor, who celebrated the historic supreme court ruling by going to an iconic gay nightclub in Columbus, Ohio, called Axis. After they got engaged, that night stuck out in their minds as they were choosing a location for their engagement shoot. Having only seen the building at night, they decided to have Photography by Tessa Blackstone take some sentimental pictures of them at Axis, knowing the ugly black building wouldn’t make for the best scenery. “Surprisingly, we walked up to Axis, and it has this gorgeous ivy-covered wall on one side,” Kait says. “It was quite the happy accident, and they will always be some of our favorite pictures because of the spot.” columbus-engagement-shoot-photography-by-tessa-blackstone10columbus-engagement-shoot-photography-by-tessa-blackstone1columbus-engagement-shoot-photography-by-tessa-blackstone

The Love Story

The first time Taylor took a leap of faith and reached out to Kait, she never got a response. But that didn't stop her. Kait and Taylor both had profiles on the same dating sites, and when she found Kait on the second one, Taylor tried again. This time, Kait responded. “We only lived 1.2 miles away from each other and had several mutual friends, so of course we each asked for dirt on the other one,” Kait says. “A week later we met with friends at a local bar to hang out in person, and the rest is history.”

With an immediate connection, it was soon apparent that they had found something special in each other. “I can't recall a certain moment where I thought she was the one, but I guess it’s when I realized that she was my best friend,” Taylor says. “I couldn’t imagine a day without her in it.”


The Proposal

Christmas was just around the corner one night when Kait and Taylor were shopping at Macy’s. “We walked by the little stands with costume jewelry on it and started goofing around looking at rings,” Kait says. They had always talked about getting engaged, but before that very unexpected moment, they hadn’t seriously thought about looking at rings. They left Macy’s and wandered into three different jewelers before finding Ashcroft and Oak. “Everything fell so perfectly into place, and we ordered my ring that night,” Kait says.

They didn’t have a formal proposal, but that very much mirrors who they are. “We both believe in following what happens naturally, going with the flow, so when it all basically fell in our laps we went with it and couldn't be happier,” Kait says. As the jewelers were finalizing the details on Kait’s ring, the newly engaged couple grabbed some dinner. “They let us go get Chik-Fil-A and bring it back to eat dinner while they figured out if they could have the ring made the way we wanted it,” Taylor says. “We had a lot of fun!”


The Ring

Kait’s ring is a one carat oval diamond with a halo set on two white gold bands, a gorgeous diamond band that intertwines with a plain band. “I don’t mean to brag, but it is pretty gorgeous,” Kait says. “Taylor has a plain silver band with pave diamonds in it, and surprisingly, she wears it every day!”



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