Honey Maid Makes Us Cry Again with New Ad [VIDEO]

honey-maid-videoLast month, Honey Maid launched their “This Is Wholesome” campaign with an ad featuring gay dads feeding their newborn, an interracial family happily walking together and tatted up parents rocking out with their adorable little girl. It was diversity at its finest folks and, of course, brought happy tears to my eyes.

Predictably, they received a backlash of hate but instead of ignoring it, defending themselves with a press release or even halting the campaign, they embraced it and tackled it head-on. They printed out every tweet, every email, every letter and asked two artists to transform them to something beautiful. The result is a symbolic piece of art that shows that we shouldn't fight hate with hate — love will eventually overpower it.

Now I have an even better reason for indulging in s'mores …