Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Shower Invitations

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Planning for your wedding shower is an exciting time because it means your wedding is inching closer and closer. Whether you're planning a shower for someone else or running a celebration for yourself, invitations are one of the first steps in the process to consider.Ā 

After you've identified a date and location, it's time to select your shower invitations and get them mailed out. But where do you start? What is the proper protocol for sending out wedding shower invitations? How do you select the best wedding stationery for your party theme? We've got the answers.

In this guide, we'll break down everything you need to know (and likely are wondering) about wedding shower invitations to make sending out those invites stress-free. From timing to small details, this guide is designed to help you navigate creating shower invitations with ease.

What to Include in Wedding Shower Invites

Wedding shower invitations contain everything that you would normally put in a standard party invitation. This includes the name of the people getting married, the event's date, time, location, how to RSVP, and registry information.Ā 

Regardless of who is hosting the shower, make someone responsible for managing RSVPs. The invitation could include RSVP return cards, but phone call or text RSVPs are far more common for wedding showers.Ā 

Remember to create an RSVP deadline, which is usually two to three weeks before the event date. However, if your venue requires a final headcount by a specific date, consider this when choosing your RSVP date.

Most showers include a gift-unwrapping portion. However, couples have started requesting that guests show up with unwrapped gifts. If you prefer unwrapped gifts, note it on the bottom of the shower invitation or in a separate insert card. Requesting unwrapped gifts at a shower can allow more time for other activities or games and help save paper.

Who Hosts the Shower?

While showers were once traditionally held by a parent or member of the wedding party, such as the maid of honor, modern trends show that more engaged couples are planning their wedding showers. Any friend or family member can host the shower, or the parents of the couple getting married can co-host the event. In most cases, the hosts are responsible for paying for the shower.

When Should the Wedding Shower be Hosted?

Most wedding showers are held within one to three months before the wedding date. In most cases, you won't want the shower to be too close to the date of the wedding, as it can interfere with your planning and wedding to-do checklist.Ā 

Although most showers are within a few months of the wedding, there's no reason it cannot be farther in advance of the wedding date. If you're planning on having an outdoor party or a specific theme, it may be worthwhile to have your shower based on the best weather conditions.

Can I Have Multiple Wedding Showers?

If you have family and friends in different areas, finding a centralized location for your shower could be tough. Sometimes, people have multiple showers for different sides of the family or friend groups. Just make sure they are spread apart so you've got enough time to plan and consider registry items for each.

When do I Send Wedding Shower Invites?

Invites should be mailed around six to eight weeks before the date of the event. Sending invites at least a month before the event allows people who want to attend ensure they don't have overlapping plans for your date.Ā 

If they are held in popular destination locations or with many guests from out-of-state, you may want to send wedding shower invites even sooner in advance. While sending the invites as far as possible in advance may seem worthwhile, sending shower invitations too soon could mean that guests forget to RSVP or are unsure whether their schedules conflict with the date.

Are Wedding Shower Invites Necessary?

While you should send wedding shower invitations when entertaining a large group, a phone could suffice for small gatherings of under ten people. Paper invites were traditionally used in the past for wedding shower invites, but digital invites are becoming more popular with platforms such as Paperless Post, Evite and Greenvelope.

You can also manually email digital copies of a shower invite to cut costs and make sure they get delivered quicker. If you're short on time or running behind on getting shower invites out, opting for a digital version could be easier. Digital invitation downloads are also available from Etsy if you're looking to save money on shower invites.

Of course, digital versions do require that you have a valid email address or phone number for everyone on the invite list.

Who to Invite to Wedding Showers

Modern showers come in all sizes, ranging from huge parties to intimate gatherings. Traditionally, invite lists are smaller than the wedding and include only the closest friends, family members from both sides of the family, or coworkers. Anyone who is invited to the shower must also be invited to the wedding, but not everyone who is invited to the wedding has to be invited to the shower.

The size of the shower depends on personal preference and budget restrictions. In the case of destination weddings, showers are usually bigger parties to accommodate those who will not be traveling to the wedding.Ā 

Our Wedding Shower Invite Picks


Selecting a wedding shower invitation style is one of the first ways you can put your touch on the party and bring the wedding shower vision to life. Check out some of our favorite picks below.

Perfect for a combined couple's shower, this modern wedding shower invite is simplistic and beautiful. 55 for $118 by Minted

This foil-pressed invite's celebratory confetti and gold accents excite guests to celebrate a wedding shower. 55 for $210 by Minted

Ideal for the elegant soonlywed, script calligraphy and foil-pressed accents scream luxury on this shower invite. 55 for $210 by Minted

Embrace a rustic theme for a BBQ-themed shower with this fun grill design. 55 for $118 by Minted

This wedding shower invite is the perfect spot to showcase your engagement photos front and center and features a unique arched design. 55 for $118 by Minted

Simplistic yet bold, highlight your initials with custom color options to go alongside your party theme colors. 55 for $118 by Minted

Ideal for brunch showers, get guests excited to pop, fizz, and clink glasses at your celebration. 50 for $81.55 by Basic Invite

Who doesn't love tacos? Create a taco-themed shower with this unique “taco bout marriage” shower invite. 50 for $81.55 by Basic Invite

Simple and elegant, we love the gilded garden theme of this leaves-filled wedding shower invite. 50 for $68.50 by Basic Invite

Show off a collage of your best engagement photos in this multi-photo wedding shower invite layout, with custom foils available. 50 for $69.50 by Basic Invite

Greenery is perfect for a shower in any season, this bride-centric suite complete with recipe cards to add a fun element to your party. 50 for $146 from Etsy

Do something different with a special scalloped design, perfect for shower brunches and lunches. Note: text can be customized to say ā€œweddingā€ shower instead of ā€œbridal.ā€ 50 for $85 from Etsy

This dreamy blue-and-white toile design is a classic, and is perfect for a sophisticated soiree.Ā 55 for $118 by Minted

Do something different with a bold, oval-shaped invite with chic text, offered in custom colors to pair with your party colors. 55 for $118 by Minted

Embrace a vintage style to celebrate “I do” with this special calligraphy and ribbon bow drawing. 55 for $118 by Minted

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