David and Madisson’s Greenhouse Engagement Session

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As the saying goes, everything works out for the best and David and Madisson's engagement session is proof. After Mother Nature prevented them from shooting their e-sesh in the park as they had planned, their amazing photographer Crystal of Willow Lane Photography found a local greenhouse who opened their doors to this oh-so-cute couple. “It turned out to be intimate, colorful and super romantic!” says Madisson. “Especially with the sound of the rain pouring down on the roof of the greenhouse.” They sneaked in smooches between rows of mums and lilies while Crystal beautifully captured their love.

The Love Story

From the bride: We met in the summer of 2010, but it was a very brief meeting. He was at an Eskimos game with his brother, and I was there with friends. We had a mutual friend and we were quickly introduced but then forgot about each other. Six months later I walked into a Chapters to look for a book when I saw a cute guy studying in the adjoining Starbucks (I would later believe this encounter to be fate when I learned that he hates Starbucks and usually avoids it). I bought a book and went to read in the coffee shop, hoping that this cute guy would come approach me and ask me out. It didn't happen.Three hours later, we had been reading/studying and making eyes at each other but he STILL hadn't approached me. I decided to take matters into my own hands and go talk to him. I thought I recognized him but I couldn't place him, so I asked him if I knew him from somewhere. We found that we had a mutual friend, and he asked my name but I forgot to ask his. I went home that night and told my sister about him. The next morning, I had two messages on my phone — one from my sister that said “his name's David, expect a text” and one from a number I didn't know (it was David). David had found my sister on Facebook through the mutual friend and sent her a very awkward message explaining the situation that he had met me and wanted to see me again. My sister gave him my number and we've been together ever since!

The Engagement

When he proposed he sent me on a major scavenger hunt all around the city. It was a complete surprise. It started when I was watching him play soccer one day, and his sister handed me a card. It was a clue that led me to the Starbucks where we first met. At the Starbucks I was handed a gift and had to solve another clue These clues led me to places all around the city that were somehow meaningful to our relationship.The last clue led me to CafƩ Sorrentino, which was closed for the evening. The lights were dim, but when I walked in I saw my whole family sitting waiting for me with prosecco in hand. His family joined us (some had flown in just in time for the occasion). From there we did a private cooking class and as we were sitting down to dinner he got down on one knee and popped the question!

The Ring

My engagement ring is a beautiful round diamond surrounded by a squared halo. The thin band is diamond as well. Hidden underneath the diamond on both sides are our birth stones: peridot and aquamarine.You can only see them if you look underneath the center stone from the side.

Wedding Date: December 22, 2013


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