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We’re Bingeing on the New ‘Wedding Talk’ TV Show Starring Tara Lipinski

The perfect TV show doesn't exi- ….

Grab your popcorn people, because Wedding Talk has officially entered the chat and we are hooked. This binge-worthy 10-episode series, produced by Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, has launched on Crackle streaming service, and dives deep into stunning wedding footage from wedding video platform Love Stories TV‘s archives.

Hosted by Olympic Gold Medalist and Olympic commentator Tara Lipinski and wedding industry darlings wedding designer (and Love Lister!) Jove Meyer and planner José Rolón, each 30-minute episode dishes on what makes the spotlighted wedding video celebrations special, sharing wedding planning ideas, advice and inspiration along the way.

“We are all obsessed with other people's weddings,” exclaims host Jove Meyer. “We have a curiosity about what they look like, how they choose to celebrate, the flowers they selected, the food they served. We cannot get enough and this show helps with that curiosity as we watch wonderful wedding films and talk all about the fabulous details in each one while sharing tips and trends!”

“I think part of the appeal with these real weddings has to be credited to the talented filmmakers who are able to take hours of footage and turn them into bite-sized popcorn shorts that feeds all the senses,” adds José. “Whether you know the couple or not, it's eye candy with all the feels.”

Though this talk-show format has never been done before in a wedding aspect, Jove and José — who are friends IRL — have been wanting to work together in this capacity for quite some time. “Believe it or not, José and I have been in talks with networks for many years about a wedding TV show, so we were so ready and excited to finally work together on one, especially an uplifting, joyful one!” says Jove. “We have been friends for many years, we can laugh at one another and balance each other's personalities very well so it was almost effortless to work with José. As for Tara, she is a champ through and through, from the day I walked on set I was inspired by her professionalism and passion, we three quickly became fast friends which made it feel like the opposite of work, it was fun.”

“I got my dream job: to gab about beautiful weddings with my friend and fellow planner José and the lovely Tara Lipinski!” laughs Jove.

“With Jove, it was easy and our brotherly banter, love and respect for one another shows up. And everyone knows Tara is a powerful force and everything she touches turns to gold — pun intended. But most don't know how part of that is making everyone around her feel comfortable and at ease. After the first 12-hour day of shooting, it felt like we've been friends for years,” says José of the trio's incredible on-set chemistry that will keep you laughing throughout the episodes.

The series takes you through multi-cultural weddings, adventure elopements, beautifully detailed celebrations and more. “I loved all of the weddings we watched, but if I have to pick a favorite, I have to say I am beyond obsessed with Makeda and Thomas's wedding [episode 1],” admits Jove. “The style, the fashion, the dancing down the aisle, the blending of two cultures, I loved it all!”

“We are so excited to launch this series on Crackle and Chicken Soup for the Soul, which we feel is a perfect fit for the show,” said Rachel Silver, founder and chief executive officer of Love Stories TV. “The diversity of their audience, as well as a passionate love for wedding content, reflects the variety and inclusiveness of the series and, like the couples we feature, will make for a perfect match!”

Five episodes have already launched with the premiere, so head over to to stream!

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